5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Ordering Custom Surgical Mask Boxes

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  • Posted on : October 23, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Mask Boxes have become in huge demand due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic that is spreading worldwide. Mask Boxes offer protection against disease and viruses, including Covid-19. You can cover your face, mouth, and nose with face masks in the most secure, reliable, and comfortable manner. 

When you go outside, doctors recommend wearing a face mask so that germs and diseases cannot reach you. The high demand for face masks in recent months has resulted in a short supply of those masks being available on the market. The growing need for high-quality has also given a jolt to mask boxes as well. The attractive custom surgical masks boxes are as much necessary as the mask itself. 

Here we will discuss a few points to consider before selecting packaging for your medical item

1. Well-Designed Boxes:

A well-designed box can grab people’s attention instantly. Therefore, custom packaging plays a great role in promoting and advertising products. You should add precautions, uses, instructions, expiry date, and other important guidelines on them.

Brand affiliation is also essential when it comes to choosing a product. The name of the brand and multiple logos can be highlighted in a creative and captivating way on the custom packaging. To get better results, it is best to hire professional designers.

2. Highlighted Brand Name and Logo:

Your products will be distinguished at the display by your brand’s logos and name printed on the custom printed boxes. By seeing the brand name on the packaging, customers can recognise your product and it also helps them to make purchasing decisions without a shadow of a doubt. Therefore, your surgical mask boxes should include all the essential information.

3. Environment-Friendly Packaging:

Sustainable packaging boxes are enjoying huge popularity among consumers.  Using biodegradable and sustainable materials comes with a lot of perks. Biodegradable and recyclable materials have the advantage of protecting the environment from damaging effects. They will reuse the boxes and reduce the amount of land waste in the country. Make masks packaging boxes with no harmful effects to increase your business.

4. Inside and Outside Customisation:

A custom box shields the boxes from external factors.  To keep the mask protected, custom surgical mask boxes should be made from the inside out. You need special layers of protection in the form of sturdy packaging during extreme weather or at peak shipping times. Therefore, you need to ensure the custom mask boxes must have a strong inside protective layer to prevent any damage to the masks. 

5. Details on The Packaging:

There are many examples in which people suffer allergic reactions or undergo medical conditions because the product packaging did not mention all the medical intricate details. You must mention on the boxes the uses, the date of manufacture, the expiration date, and the key components present in the product.

Final Words:

In light of the Corona pandemic, masks are a necessity for everyone, therefore if you are worried about getting these boxes at an economical price then using recyclable materials is the best solution. In addition to reducing costs for the overall packaging, it will also allow for cost savings on the individual mask.