6 Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Customising Cookie Box Packaging

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  • Posted on : July 6, 2024
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Product packaging is the first thing that gets noticed by customers whether you are selling your products online or in-store. With custom cookie boxes, you can present your products in a stylish way and grab customer’s attention swiftly.

Cookie box packaging not only help you present your cookies in a stylish way but also protect them from any damage. With unlimited customisation options, you can promote your cookie brand among the competition. 

In this blog post, we are going to share 6 essential factors that you should keep in mind when customising cookie box packaging.

1. Target Audience:

Before designing cookie box packaging, you need to know what your target audience is. Cookies are usually popular among kids and adults. For example, if your target audience is kids, you need to design packaging that best suits their personal interests and preferences.

Also, you need to incorporate playful colours and cartoon characters for kids. Other than kids, if you want to target eco-conscious customers, you need to add sustainable packaging design and elements into cookie box packaging.

2. Brand Identity:

To compete in the competitive marketplace, you have to customise cookie box packaging that aligns with your brand values. For this, don’t forget to incorporate the brand name, logo, colours, and fonts that set your brand apart and attract customers.

While incorporating the brand logo and name, make it clear, stylish, and unique by using different fonts. Other than brand name and logo, you can incorporate brand storytelling elements into your cookie box packaging design.

3. Functionality:

Just like packaging aesthetics, functionality also plays an important role in making your cookie box packaging stand out. Make sure that your cookie box packaging protects cookies from the inside and maintains their freshness.

Also, for functionality, consider some factors like material, size, and shape. You can go for cardboard, paperboard, and tin options in which you can safely pack your cookies. For freshness, think about resealability if applicable.

4. Sustainability:

Nowadays, people have become more eco-conscious than earlier. They usually want to buy from those brands that use recyclable packaging materials for a greener environment. In this way, you have to use sustainable packaging materials that can be easily recycled.

Besides using sustainable packaging materials, you can imprint eco-friendly messages on cookie box packaging to impress eco-conscious customers. By doing so, you not only promote sustainability but also boost cookie brand sales by targeting eco-conscious customers.

5. Visual Appeal:

To stand out in the competition, your cookie box packaging must be visually appealing. Cookie box packaging only grabs customer’s attention when you come up with eye-catching designs. Also, you need to use high-quality images of your cookies.

Also, you can create visually appealing packaging by incorporating stylish colours, patterns, unique finishes, and textures. For example, you can create stunning packaging by using debossing, embossing, gloss, and matte lamination.

6. Information & Transparency:

You can also grab customer’s attention by clearly displaying essential information like ingredients and nutritional facts. Also, you can include information about your company or baking practices that you used for cookie recipes.

By adding relevant and essential information, you can easily build trust with customers. When you share recipes and ingredients with them through packaging, your customers can easily read all the information.

Concluding Remarks!

By keeping these 6 important factors in mind, you can make your custom cookie boxes from ordinary to visually appealing.  Remember, a well-designed cookie box can not only protect your delicious treats but also attract customers, build brand loyalty, and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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