A New Luxury Packaging: Custom Magnetic Boxes

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  • Posted on : April 16, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
  • Category : Blog

Every wise retailer is constantly in the process of improving and innovating their business. The retail market grows more and more competitive by the day and your business must keep up with the recent trends. Your high-end products deserve to be presented in a worthy magnificent magnetic box that can earn any customer’s praise. The decision can be a turning point for your business on its way to becoming the next luxury brand of the industry.

Let us discuss the benefits of custom magnetic boxes and how they can help your business grow:

What are Custom Magnetic Boxes?

The branded and customized magnetic boxes, that have been praised so well by customers, are made using corrugated cardboard that is unparalleled in strength. After a layer of foil lamination, their density is increased. There is another name as well that magnetic boxes go by, flip-top boxes. They are in high demand because of their excellent quality and extra protection of the merchandise inside.

Why the Increasing Demand?

If you are wondering why the demand for custom magnet boxes is rising, you are not the only one. Online sellers and retailers have created a great hype around unboxing videos. The trend has taken the internet by storm; ever since, brands and businesses have started focusing more on their packaging.

The premium feeling of a quality brand and product is one that resides within magnet boxes. It is the next step in customer delight through the packaging phenomenon. As the demands for luxury packaging keep evolving, the demand for magnetic boxes has also risen.

Benefits of Using Custom Magnetic Boxes:

There are numerous benefits to using magnetic boxes, after all, they aren’t trending in the packaging company for no reason. Here are a few reasons that will make you use magnetic boxes without a second thought:

Sturdy Boxes:

When it is protective packaging that you need for fragile or any other items, we recommend using magnetic packaging. The sturdiness that magnetic boxes have, is unlike any other and can deliver your products without any damage. It is the strong packaging with an elegant look that can easily charm customers, contrary to the popular packaging belief of integrating either strength or design in packaging.

Made for Accessibility:

One thing preferred by customers in packaging is the accessibility that is offered by the seller. Often customers have trouble getting to the product inside because of the inappropriate packaging. This leads to a drop in sales and customer complaints. To deliver the convenience you are looking for, use custom magnetic boxes that are easy to open with a pop.

Quality and Value Packaging:

As packaging multiplies on quality, so does its value. You can customize magnet boxes with your designs and ideas to make them classy and luxurious or artfully playful, whichever suits your brand best. You can use your branding colours, designs, and logo on these boxes to create a signature look apart from all others. The role of good packaging cannot be ignored in sales and brand promotion. The tasks of packaging are not limited to a few but are plenty. Using magnetic boxes that are personalized according to your brand, is the perfect way to reach all your sales goals and complete all packaging tasks.