How Eco-friendly Packaging Boxes Ensure Business Sustainability?

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  • Posted on : October 2, 2020
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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In past, packaging solutions were causing a lot of harmful waste that directly or indirectly affecting the environment harmfully. Therefore, custom packaging manufacturers faced a great challenge to come up with a solution that only ensures business retention but also provides no harm to the environment and produce less waste. For this purpose, it was realised that a more streamlined and recyclable custom packaging boxes are required.

For all of the above-mentioned reasons, custom packaging manufacturers are looking for a compostable packaging solution that makes your business sustainable whilst enhances the product’s recognisability. Let’s put light on a few of the important factors

  • Embrace Renewable Packaging Boxes:
    Eco-friendly packaging boxes
    is a sustainable and renewable packaging solution. Shoppers are more committed to using discreet packaging that has a minimal environmental footprint. In 2017, the study by Unilever revealed that one of the five people choose custom packaging boxes which are more ambience friendly. Now-a-days all the leading business owners are opting for green packaging as their brand face to ensure their business sustainability. Kraft and corrugated the most recyclable packaging resources. They reduce the cost of raw materials and also reduces landfills.
  • Ecological Yet Durable:
    The materials that are mentioned above are high-quality materials that are ecological and surprisingly durable. They are the best option for an environmental-friendly, recyclable, cost-effective, sustainable, and durable custom packaging boxes. Especially, Kraft and corrugated are highly accountable for secure and protective packaging. Both of these materials are resistant to heat, moisture, dust, and other harmful climatic factors. Also, both are extremely organic with high elasticity and tear resistance.
  • Preserve the Content of the Product:
    Kraft has a ventilating surface that is highly suitable for edible products. The main characteristic of Kraft is that it preserves the taste and freshness of the food items. It also keeps them safe from heat and bad odours. On the other hand, corrugated packaging boxes, being the strongest, is suitable for transit. They can endure high stress, therefore, protect the product and preserve its content.
  • Offers Versatility:
    Green packaging diminishes the carbon footprint because the materials are biodegradable. They are pretty versatile in nature because they can be re-used and recycled. It also improves your brand image by creating a good impression of your company. Eco-friendly packaging boxes increase the shelf life of your products because Kraft packaging material is content friendly and ecological. It empowers your customer base by depicting that you are highly responsible for the betterment of environment.

According to recent findings, customers’ purchase decision depends on minimal and Eco-friendly packaging boxes. The more packaging is environmentally friendly; the more brands are favouring it. Likewise, Nielsen Global Survey on corporate social responsibility states that 52% of the consumers’ sustainable purchase decisions are impacted by Eco-friendly packaging boxes. Furthermore, ecological packaging is more sustainable and cost-effective.