10 Packaging Design Mistakes to Avoid in the Future

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  • Posted on : October 14, 2023
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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If you do your packaging wrongly then it will not only be bad for your brand reputation but also ruin the great product. That’s why a lot of businesses are struggling to improve their packaging designs. In the beginning, it may be difficult for you to navigate your business product packaging in a better way. But there’s no need to worry as we are here to guide you on which packaging mistakes you should avoid in the future.

Keep reading to learn about the 10 different packaging mistakes that you should avoid to enhance the quality of packaging standards.

Packaging Design Mistakes to Avoid:

You may be unaware of the packaging design mistakes that you may have made in the past but these mistakes are not good for your business growth and customer loyalty. So, next time you should avoid these mistakes:

1. Over Packaging:

When you want to do the packaging of any of your business products then you need to know about the size or dimensions of the packaging material and the product. It’s not good to use a large carton or packaging box that is too large for your product. You can measure the product size and the packaging box size or arrange the different box sizes that may cater to the packaging needs of different products.

2. Complex Packaging:

There’s nothing worse than having difficult packaging. Is it good that your items get out of the plastic packaging with the twist ties and different layers? Now think about the same thing for your customers. So, it’s good that your packaging should secure the product and provide enough protection without any excess and difficult packaging.

3. Costly Packaging:

No doubt the expensive packaging looks nice but it will cut down your profit margins to a greater extent. It’s not a good deal to do expensive packaging on low-value products. In case, your products contain high value and are worthwhile then there’s no wrong to do a little costly packaging. But, try to minimize your business packaging costs as much as possible.

4. Unreadable Packaging:

If the customers are unable to read the written words on the packaging, then how will they buy your products? So, you need to ensure the words written on your packaging are easy to read or legible. Sometimes, the fonts on the packaging can be hard to read and understand so before going ahead with the packaging production, ensure that the font style and size would be legible.

5. Not Giving the Entice Touch:

If the packaging of your product does not give an enticing and attractive touch to the customers, it might be possible that they may choose any other product on the shelf that gives them an enticing and exciting touch. So, you need to incorporate the latest design elements into the product packaging so that the empty white spaces will be filled. Also, you can go for an appealing colour scheme that attracts your clients in a better way.

6. Busy Packaging:

If your packaging is over elaborative, it’s also the most common mistake. If your packaging takes time to understand the product for the customer, then definitely the customer will go for such a brand product that doesn’t take too much time. It is recommended to leave some blank space in white or black colour that will be clear and concise. 

7. Non-Branded Packaging:

Unbranded packaging is also the main mistake made by many businesses by not printing or showing their logos on the product’s packaging. So, on the product packaging, it should be clear who is selling the product with brand logos, colour schemes, and fonts.

8. Blurred Packaging:

Blurry packaging also lets the customers off by not purchasing the product as your product packaging doesn’t speak well to your customers about the product. You need to make sure that your product packaging design will be done with quality packaging materials.

9. Using Incorrect Information:

Most of the customers make the best purchasing decision by following the information provided on the product’s packaging. In case if you use incorrect/ misleading information on the product’s packaging then it will not be a good gesture.

10. Change Packaging Constantly:

In the last, if you change your packaging constantly within a few days then it would be confusing for your customers. So, it’s better to come up with a good packaging design and use it for the rest of the time except for some of the minor changes that you may make after some time.