12 Creative Ways to Use Custom Corrugated Boxes in Your Marketing Campaigns

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  • Posted on : April 5, 2024
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Innovation is key to standing out in the competitive market and innovations take place with effective marketing campaigns. According to the survey, 80% of consumer’s impressed with the marketing of products and willing to purchase them.

Have you ever heard about marketing through packaging? Yes, it’s a super tool to spread brand awareness and set differences on store shelves. Custom corrugated boxes are a true example of such packaging that not only holds your items but represents your brand as a marketing tool. Let’s explore this complete guide to learn 12 creative ways to use tailored boxes in your marketing campaigns.

What Are the Latest Statistics On Custom Printed Corrugated Packaging?

According to the latest research global corrugated packaging boxes market size value in 2022 at USD 141272.6 million with a CAGR of 3.76% expansion, expected to reach USD 176278.9 million by 2028.

Top 12 Creative Ways to Use Custom Corrugated Boxes for Marketing

12 inventive ways are as follows:

1. Striking Product Packaging

Attractive packaging is essential to set differences in marketplaces. Opt for unique shapes, styles, and designs that make your product stand out from the rest. Bold colours, and eye-grabbing images foster customers to choose your brand products.

2. Exceptional Printing (Seasonal Themes)

Create custom packaging for your products with seasonal or occasional themes. Occasional themes such as Christmas, Easter, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc. Further, when it comes to seasonal themes you can design these boxes with the ultimate summer, spring, and autumn. After all, printing is crucial to product marketing and brand recognition.  Through printing, brands can put their logos on boxes and share a small story as well.

3. Interactive Elements

Every customer is valued and deserves surprises. Right? By incorporating interactive elements. You can make it possible. Interactive elements include hidden compartments, tags, notes, small gifts, and QR codes. Scanning of QR codes offers puzzles, games, and fun activities for customers. Eventually, they are more likely to purchase your brand products.

4. Limited Edition Packaging

Create urgency by offering limited-time edition packaging. Develop unique and exclusive packaging for a limited-time edition. Offering excellent quality products along with stunning packaging adds a layer of satisfaction and loyalty among customers. Due to limited offers, they are more likely to come back to your brand.

5. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Brands use ecological materials to fulfill their commitment to sustainable packaging. Corrugated boxes are 100% renewable and recyclable. It maximizes your brand personality and helps to remove the carbon footprints from the earth. Plus, when you choose a minimalist design it not only looks appealing but also reduces the material waste to promote eco-friendliness. 

6. Collaborate with Influencers

Contact with influencers or bloggers. Why? The reason is that they have a huge follower base and their followers like what they recommend. Send them some free products with exceptional packaging design. Ask them to share their experience through video or comments. After all, use their positive remarks or reviews for branding or marketing purposes.

7. Discounted Offers

Discounts and packaging low rates help to engage customers in the long run. Custom corrugated packaging boxes wholesale are available to all-scale businesses without breaking the bank. Seasonal deals and bulk discounts motivate the customers and increase your brand perception in the market. As a result, they spread the word of mouth and advertise your brand at a huge level. Whether your products display in retail stores or online shops, they publicise your discount offers in local markets to social media platforms.

8. Personalisation Possibility

Personalisation is a name of liberty to lay with colours, themes, shapes styles, and overall packaging visuals. By using exceptional printing techniques, you can add logos or brands, slogans, and names of loved ones. Most importantly, if you are using these boxes for gifting purposes you can add the recipient’s names or wish notes with modern printing techniques and flawless coating options.

9. Subscription Box

You can enhance the appeal of the brand’s subscription service by using corrugated containers. They significantly reflect the brand’s personality and highlight its values. Tailored boxes are specially designed according to the theme of each subscription box, which fosters expected loyalty.

10. Retail Displays

Corrugated material is easy to transform in any design or pattern. Custom retail boxes are the perfect option to showcase features, values, brand stories, and other promotions in innovative manners. When boxes are placed strategically on store shelves they display the item’s actual picture and greatly impact buying decisions.

11. Business Events (Educational and Guide)

Effective marketing relies on authentic information about brands and products. Host cooperating workshops to provide information to customers about a brand. Invite professionals, customers, and designers to share thoughts and improve the strategies of marketing. Upload videos on social media channels to boost brand awareness.

12. Special Unboxing

Have you ever thought about, how can you make your packaging unboxing special and memorable? Well, it’s all magic of, presentation, presentation, and presentation. Yes, the way you display your items in the market matters a lot. For exceptional staging, you can use sliders, inserts, dividers, and unique styles to add an extra layer of sophistication.

Summing Up

Marketing is as essential as the quality of the product. Marketing through packaging is a convincing tool to engage customers and cheer them to make purchases. Custom corrugated boxes are the only choice to advertise your brand’s features, values, and quality at a huge level. From interactive and striking packaging to printing, material, personalisation, or retail display every attention to detail works for marketing. Memorable unboxing, subscription boxes, discounts, limited editions, and ecological packaging all count for marketing.