3 Amazing Ways to Customise your premium Custom Tie Boxes

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  • Posted on : December 23, 2019
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Fashion is everything to those that want to have the most stylish and extravagant appearance. Other than that a lot of people will have different tastes in regard to their clothing choice. It is common that people want to look good especially on a formal occasion. Necktie or Ties is that fabric add-on that has been apart of men’s fashion since the 17th century and always add the element of class to the style. Whether it is graduation ceremony, official dinner or any other occasion, choosing that perfect tie is a hassle that everyone goes through.

For those in the clothing business, it is a profitable venture for them by offering a variety of ties to eager customers, with the intention of their brand being in the top position among its competitors.  Custom tie boxes are used all over and everyone have their own unique appeal to them. And you can have your boxes better than the ones out there. You want to ensure that boxes have just the right look to get your customers hooked.

Here are those three ways you can have your best custom tie boxes.

What Kind of Packaging Material You Require?

In order to have the most exceptional and stylish looks, you’ve got multiple options for any paper-based materials that provides the boxes with the extra strength and security from environmental hazards. They also increase the value of neckties itself. The quality of the ties can be figured based on the packaging box’s quality. Most commonly you can use cardboard or kraft paper for making the packaging boxes and styles such simple boxes with or without window, collar tab or two-piece can make it special. Regardless of the material you choose to ensure that it has the standard quality that meets both eco-friendliness and durability.

What Design Expresses Your Unique Factor?

Once you have selected material you want, the design of the boxes are the next thing you need to look at. The best options are simple and minimal approach, either with a custom color set or just plain material itself. The style of the box must accommodate the design well enough to entice customer upon first viewing. Most of the time you will be going through several designs before you decide on the final one.

Setting The Level of Customisable & Effective Printing Quality

You can use specialised printing techniques like CMYK or PMS can create the best outlook for the packaging boxes. You can have simple or complex designs printed on the boxes. There are several options for printing range from 3D printing or Off-set printing that assist in the manufacturing of the boxes.

Packaging vendors ensure that the printing quality of the packaging boxes are perfect in execution, and making sure to avoid certain errors like faded colours, fuzziness or double printing.

Choosing That Smooth Packaging Finishing Touch

Custom packaging boxes finishing can be done per customer requirement, what aesthetic features you want for your boxes. You can choose from foiling, gloss, matte, embossing, debossing etc. for adding further to the uniqueness of the packaging boxes.

These smooth and stylish finishing touches will help to upgrade and maximise the appeal of these customised tie boxes. As they come out on sale the boxes’s visibility will be stronger and a lot of eyes are likely to get hooked to the product.

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