3 Important Aspects to be Considered While Choosing Custom Printed Boxes

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  • Posted on : September 25, 2020
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Custom printed boxes has witnessed advancements in the realm of the packaging industry. It offers infinite advantages to the business owners and customers by making their brand recognised in the target customer market. Creative and steadfast aspects have been infused to revolutionise the manufacturing of custom packaging boxes through technological advancements. They are in fact a real merchandise booster.

Emenac Packaging UK is a leading packaging production unit that has established an innovative and futuristic approach to meet the requirements of the consumers with more efficacy. Due to the existence of individuality, customer requirements vary from person to person. One may prefer innovation while others may be more inclined toward classiness. Emenac Packaging UK makes your brand a one-stop-shop by offering durability, quality, and premium personalisation of your custom packaging boxes.

Here we have enlisted 3 most important aspects that must be taken into consideration while choosing the best custom printed packaging.

  • Beguiling Personalisation of Packaging Boxes:

Customisation makes your custom made boxes awe-inspiring by making the alluring and eye-catchy outlook. Brands who use Custom printed boxes have witnessed an upsurge in the sales. It empowers your consumer base and marks itself as one of the effective marketing strategies. Most of the leading brands are using custom packaging as a marketing channel. It is human nature that people are more attracted to exquisite appearances rather than dull and boring brown boxes.

Custom made boxes are highly encouraged because they imprint a lasting impact on the customer’s perspective which leads to their satisfaction and retention. There are infinite options of premium customisation techniques available in the market like embossing, debossing, foiling, embellishments, die-cuts, windows, printed logos, taglines, company names, hot stamping, etc. Digital, offset, raised ink, silkscreen, flexography, lithography, are some of the high-end printing options.

  • Durability of Custom Printed Boxes:

Custom packaging manufacturers are highly concerned about the protection of the commodity. Therefore, preservation and conservation of products are crucial to make your brand sustainable in the market. Durable packaging boxes account for customer loyalty. Emenac Packaging UK uses high-end materials for the manufacturing of durable packaging boxes. Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated are the top-notch material with great durability. Especially Kraft and corrugated material has a high strength of elasticity. They both have high tear and moisture resistance but corrugated is the only material which is sturdiest of all. That is why corrugated packaging boxes are highly suitable for shipping and transportation purposes.   

  • Eco-friendly Custom Printed Boxes:

The packaging industry takes an initiative for the betterment of the environment by offering Eco-friendly custom boxes. The purpose is to control the threats of adverse climatic changes and global warming. The best way is to use chemical-free and biodegradable materials like Kraft, corrugated, and cardboard, etc. these materials are 100% organic as their raw material is extracted from natural woods. Not only Eco-friendly but these materials result in cost-effective custom boxes. They are highly recyclable and reduce the cost of manufacturing to the great extent.