3 Tips on Selecting the Right Custom Product Packaging

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  • Posted on : February 16, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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With the current turn of events, the hit from the pandemic and everyone being curbed in their homes, products have been travelling more than the customers. This scenario has given a substantial growth to every business, especially e-commerce. With market growth comes competition and this competition brings out the creativity of businesses to express and grow their brand effectively. Getting your product packaging right means securing your first ticket to a successful brand, since for the most part, retailing and selling is about presentation and appeal.

We have come up with a list of tips that are sure to save your business the headache of low income. To cover up all the aspects of your custom product packaging, follow this blog:

  • Make it Fit for the Trip:

It does not matter if your products are travelling long or short distances, what matters is how long and how much of the trip can they tolerate. Travelling packaging needs to be made strong enough so it can reach the customers with ease and minimal or no damage at all. Keep in mind to choose the precise material for your products if they are delicate or bulky.

Another way of helping your packaging is being structurally considerate about it. For instance, stackable packaging and rigid boxes are the best combination to avoid any damage to your delivering merchandise. As Amelia Boothman, director at global branding agency 1HQ, puts it, paying a little more on safer and better packaging is far more cost effective than having to deal with damaged goods and compensating.

  • Pick the Right Material for Your Packaging Design:

Packaging material is dependant upon the design and design is dependant on packaging material because some materials are compatible with only few printing methods. It is a circular state of no end, however, getting a model done beforehand can help you decide on a design and later find out what material can best absorb that design.

Packaging designing and material selection are very important for your products, since you choose to house your products inside these compartments, you will have to give them the best. Here’s a list of materials you can choose from:

  • Paperboard:

In addition to being lightweight, paperboards are an excellent option for getting the best printing results. Their use is best in retail, pharmaceuticals, food, dairy, cosmetics and hardware items etc.

  • Kraft Paper:

If you are looking for an environment friendly option, Kraft paper is the best fitting option. It is a strong material that can be recycled for more rounds of use and if not taken care of, they decompose like leafs instead of harming the environment.

  • Corrugated:

Sturdy material with a flexible feat, is a board made of paperboard and medium paper lamination. The best use of this material is when you are shipping fragile items, subscription or mail boxes. Their sturdiness makes them a good packaging option for e-commerce packages.

  • Know the Target of Your Custom Packaging:

Customising packaging holds no importance if the customisation is not made with your target customers in mind. To attract customers towards your brand, you will need to know their psyche first and what makes them rely on one product more than the other when both the products offer the same functions. The key in landing sale in such a competition is product packaging.

The customers make their choices based on the attraction of the packaging and how boldly it stands on the shelves. If they can identify the type of the product and its qualities from a far, it is most likely they will buy it.

Customisation has become the new trend in the world of trade and e-commerce. It can either build or shatter your business, which depends entirely on your choices and market research. Custom packaging is the best way to show your creativity and how your business is different from thousands of others. Customers are attracted to different than ordinary things, something your packaging can benefit from.