4 Effective Answers to The Most Common Packaging Problems

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  • Posted on : April 13, 2023
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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According to recent research, 66% of customers said that they move to other brands, if the packaging fails to impress them. It typically happens when businesses commit some fatal mistakes while choosing the packaging. For instance, your audience is looking for sustainable packaging and you deviate from the option to choose the product packaging that is not sustainable.

Let’s narrow down some common packaging problems with effective answers to avoid them successfully.

1. Sustainability:

The most common packaging problem is using entirely sustainable packaging. Due to Covid-19, customers, governments, and brands are more focused on the sustainability of the packaging boxes. According to a recent report by Shopify, 77% of customers are concerned about an eco-friendly world.

By using sustainable and biodegradable packaging, you might face some issues such as difficulty in the recycling process because of the lamination and stamps used on the packaging boxes which reduces its recycling capacity. So, you should focus on the printing options which are recyclable or biodegradable for durable packaging boxes.

2. Reduce Wastage:

In a recent report from Clouder, 62% of consumers think positively about the brand which avoids unnecessary or excessive packaging. This shows that you should not use large boxes for small products with unlimited plastic wrapping. This is not good for the positive image of the brand and customers might doubt on your brand authenticity.

Nowadays, designing packaging boxes to protect the product with minimum wrapping wastage is a big challenge for the brands. To improve the customer experience, you should customise the ideal boxes which are slightly bigger than the actual size of the product. Also investing efficiently in the design and style of the high-end custom packaging boxes.

3. Transportation:

Packaging material is directly proportional to the transportation cost. The more the weight and size of the packaging material the more the cost of transportation is. Similarly, if the size of the packaging is small it consumes less space and save the shipping cost.

These tips will reduce the cost of packaging

  • Use perfect size custom packaging boxes.
  • Use lightweight custom packaging material for different products.
  • Ensure the safety of your products during transit, which will save your returning cost.
  • Custom corrugated packaging boxes are the top choice for transportation.

These little changes can save you maximum cost during transportation.

4. Vague Branding:

Packaging should be a theatre that narrate a story (Steve Jobs).

It means that your custom packaging will tell the story of your brand and products. your packaging boxes should have clear, relevant, and authentic information. Vague and irrelevant information leaves a bad impression on the consumers and they may move to the next brand for purchasing the same products.

For the branding of your products and business, everything printed on the packaging boxes should communicate with the customers such as graphics, fonts, images, colours, logo, and additional information. This is how you will attract more consumers for massive profits and sales.

Bottom Line:

Many challenges come your way while customising your packaging boxes. But you should understand that the main concern of the customers is packaging appearance, great quality, and excellent unboxing experience. Design your high-end custom packaging boxes in such a way that they fulfill the needs of the customers and excites them for purchases.

We hope you understand the four common packaging problems with effective answers, which will help in the growth of your brand by reducing the cost of packaging. Follow us for more tips and tricks about custom packaging boxes.