4 Important Aspects Of Custom Packaging In Marketing A Product

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  • Posted on : May 25, 2022
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The main motive of packaging is traditionally said to be the protection of the goods inside. But packaging plays a great role in marketing a product and making it the center of attention among so many competitive brands.

Custom packaging might be your light at the end of the tunnel and could help your brand with setting itself up for success. Custom packaging is greatly important, according to statistics, around 52% of the consumers would tune back in to get their favourite products if their required products are packed in a good quality packaging.

Around 90% of the consumers were seen to reuse their packaging boxes for different purposes if the design or style of the packaging box is captivating. This means that packaging is not solely for the protection of the product but serves in a multipurpose way.

Brands can gain popularity by using the right packaging for their products. Custom packaging boxes help a brand decide what will be the mood for the product. By using thematic or solid boxes, brands can utilize custom packaging as their very own portable billboard, which would help their brands to advertise for free.

To get you on the same page, we have jotted down some 4 amazing aspects of custom packaging that have a positive impact on marketing a product:

1. Creating a Shelf Impact:

When in a market, there may be thousands of similar products present when compared to your brand’s product. As the parameter of the function of the products become quite similar, packaging can be sued to create a differentiation between different products.

Using a good custom packaging box will soon become your brand identity and will help you gain the chance of becoming customers’ favourite in no time. Custom packaging makes your products prominent and the unique designs become the highlight to remember. A first impression is the last, so dress up your products with custom box packaging. Custom packaging allows brands to use custom designs and graphics to illustrate on their custom boxes. This makes the package more visually appealing and shines bright on the shelves.

2. Communicate Your Brand’s Values:

It is very important to vocalise your brand’s values and message effectively. You need to treat your product’s custom box packaging as a portable billboard that can help you showcase whatever message you want to showcase.

The face of your custom packaging is the most crucial aspect and with a catchy tagline and company logo, your brand can convey an impactful image of your brand. Your custom box packaging can contain all the important information needed to communicate with the consumers such as;

  • The product’s price
  • The Usage Instructions
  • Product’s size and manufacturing date
  • Warnings and allergen list
  • Ingredients and storage information

All of this should be included on the product’s packaging on different faces of the box to carefully educate the consumer about careful usage. This also helps to build strong brand credibility with your customer base and helps to reduce customer disappointment rates.

By providing all the information on your custom box packaging, your brand is being transparent with its consumers and hence, gives a good impression that the brand cares about its customers.

3. Build your Brand Narrative:

Having your own personal brand’s narrative is so important, you can have a full-fledge brand ready to sweep all the success but without a solid narrative, your brand can’t survive for long in the market. You might have seen that many brands have specific motives that they work on, some promote recycling, some promote environmental conservation, some promote customer reviews and some just want to showcase their CEO’s story. Whatever the case may be, it is essential brands pay heed to this concept.

Using custom packaging boxes brands can insert important information regarding their brand’s narrative in a highlighting position on the box. As we know, the packaging is the first layer your customer lay their eyes on, to fully captivate them into buying your product, you need to keep your idea simple and meaningful. Overdoing things can sound fake and unappealing. By being descriptive and enhancing your storytelling, your brand can add business cards, thank you letters, story letters, and discount coupons inside the box to spread accurate and meaningful information in no time.

To improve their brand narrative and appeal, brands should strive for authenticity and develop true connections with their customers.

Speaking directly to your customers through your packaging design contributes to your customer’s marketing and sales pitch. Take into consideration adding a catchy font and design components on your custom packaging that may convey your brand story, while also leaving a lasting impression on your customers, both online and offline.

4. Enhance Customer’s Experience:

The main focus for every brand is to leave their customers as satisfied as possible. Many companies put too much energy into the conceptualization and design shove aside the packaging and reduce its importance from it.

With changing situations around the globe, packaging has become a great factor to enhance the customer’s experience as it is being shared readily online. Unboxing videos have gained lots of popularity in recent years. With influencers and content creators using this technique to promote business, their followers become captivated by the products only if the appearance is worth investing in.

 60% of consumers are more inclined to share a picture of purchase on social networks if it comes in a gift-like package rather than the standard brown box after their purchase online.

As a result, adapting your packaging designs to your new consumers might help you increase product sales. The integrity of your product is communicated to your customer through premium packaging. While stiff packaging is prone to damage, it gives your products a premium look and feels that will make your clients feel pampered. However, because of the variety of print and finish options available, this can also be done using a folding carton. Beyond your packaging designs, custom box packaging is a terrific method to contribute to the feel of your product and brand.