4 Incredible Solutions to Common Packaging Process Challenges

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  • Posted on : July 3, 2023
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According to a recent report, approximately 66% of customers switch to other brands because of bad packaging experiences.

Seven out of ten packaging companies face common packaging process issues. These issues may relate to magnitude, urgency, specifications, size, etc. But when all the layers of packaging process issues are peeled off, these challenges revolve around themes that are sustainability, freshness, recognition, cost, etc.

Here’s a breakdown of some incredible solutions to common packaging process challenges

Common Challenges of the Packaging Process:

Companies must overcome the challenges of the packaging process to make sure that they customise durable boxes to protect the products while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the custom packaging boxes. The most tenacious challenges include:

  • Rising costs
  • Freshness
  • Product protection
  • Sustainability

1. Mounting Costs:

An increase in the cost of the packaging process is a common challenge that every company is facing. Due to the high price of paperboard, packaging boxes can cost you much. Your brand can overcome this challenge by following these incredible solutions:

  • Omni-channel packaging: Asingle design used for multiple sales channels to cut some packaging costs.
  • Reduced packaging: you can reduce the cost of packaging boxes by redesigning to use fewer packaging materials.
  • Minimalism: Special features of custom packaging cost you such as 3D texture, embossing, matt finishing, etc. You can create an appealing look without using these special techniques.
  • Sustainable packaging: Creating boxes from recycled materials reduce the cost of your packaging process and material.  
  • Light-weight packaging: Light-weight packaging boxes reduce the cost of shipping which is often related to the weight and quantity of the packaging boxes.

2. Freshness:

For the food industry, the main challenge they face is to maintain the freshness of the food they are delivering. Some foods can stay fresh for months on the retail shelves until purchase. Custom packaging boxes should preserve the food for a better customer experience. You must not compromise on the quality of food freshness. The aesthetic appearance of your packaging boxes does not give you an advantage if your custom-printed packaging boxes fail to keep the food fresh.

3. Product Protection:

Another alarming challenge that the companies face is the damage caused to the products during transportation. The best solution to this challenge is to customise durable and robust packaging boxes. You must know the nature, size, weight, etc. of your product before you create packaging boxes.

Delicate, fragile, or luxury products should be packed in luxurious rigid boxes to provide 100% protection. Air cushions or inserts can also protect your products from damage during transportation.

4. Sustainability

After the Covid-19 pandemic, another major challenge of the packaging process that companies are facing is creating packaging boxes that are sustainable and serve the purpose of packaging such as aesthetic and appealing appearance, providing security, etc.

Kraft, corrugated, and paperboard are eco-friendly and sustainable packaging materials. These materials not only protect the environment from pollution but are also strong enough to protect the products during transportation. Biodegradable and recyclable custom packaging boxes also encourage customers to recycle the boxes and impart the concept of making the world greener.

Over To You

Packaging process challenges come in so many forms. Consumers always judge your products from the packaging. So, customise your custom-printed packaging boxes that reduced your per-unit cost, are eco-friendly, and provide 100% protection. Keep your design attractive to appeal to more consumers towards your brand. Contact Emenac Packaging UK for creating custom packaging boxes without taking stress because we overcome all the challenges and customised packaging boxes that boost your sales, profits, and brand recognition.