4 Incredible Ways That Make Your Product Shipping More Brandable

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  • Posted on : May 11, 2023
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Are you an e-commerce business owner and use brand shipping? Then how do you feel, if we tell you that you can also make your product shipping more brandable? Excited?

We always devote our passion and attention to making the best quality products and forget about the custom packaging boxes that we are going to use for shipping our products. We should also show some of our love for product packaging as these boxes are the first thing that customers interact with. Branded Shipping Boxes will give your brand an edge in the market and make your brand recognisable.

If squeezing some flavors and extras can help you in branding and enhance customer loyalty, sales, and profits of your brand, then why not? Here are four incredible ways that make your product shipping more brandable and get attention.

1. Custom Shipping Packaging Boxes:

A few things that make customers excited is when they see their packages on the doorstep which are nicely packed. High-end services help in retaining customers by giving an excellent unboxing experience. Custom shipping packaging boxes increase the worth of your product because it is human nature they judge the book by its cover.  

You can customise your custom packaging boxes in a simple yet effective 2-colour design on paperboard or corrugated material. Or you can design the entire box beautifully to make the casual observers curious. Investing in these premium custom shipping packaging boxes is the right choice as they ultimately double up your sales.  

2. Custom Shipping Packaging Bags:

If you want to give your product a more sophisticated and alluring look, must go with an innovative bag with bows. You can ship your products in style by using top-notch custom shipping bags to give your customers an unforgettable experience. You can also add extras to enhance their look including tissue papers, ribbons, bows, crinkle-cut fillers, and more. Use and support Eco-friendly material, as consumers buy from the brands supporting “go green”.

3. Custom Shipping Tape:

Shipping tape is a necessary part of the shipping process, but wait! Why it always has to be boring transparent or brown colour tape? You can also customise shipping tape by printing your brand logo and name. Using customise tape gives your customers personal touch, as they feel your brand cares for them. This little extra effort ensures that your consumers will not only get an intact product but also enjoy opening your packaging box. You can choose the colours, size, logo, text, fonts, number of rolls, etc.

4. Mailer or Subscription Boxes:

Mailer boxes or subscription boxes are great choices for your businesses to deliver your products effectively at a cost-effective rate. Everything can easily deliver through mailer boxes like cosmetic products, jewelry pieces, etc. Never lose the great opportunity of customising your product shipping mailer boxes that are great for branding. The most popular mailer or subscription boxes are “Top Fold Boxes” with inner dividers that can be customised according to the size and quantity of your products.

Bottom Lines:

E-commerce product shipping boxes are an excellent and effective way to give recognition to your brand and boost sales. Strategically shipping your incredible products will perform multiple tasks like protecting the products, grabbing the attention of potential customers, enhancing brand recognition, improving sales, doubling up profits, maintaining healthy relationships with the consumers, and getting maximum repeated sales. Get excellent custom wholesale Branded Shipping Boxes from top-rated packaging supplier, Emenac Packaging UK. Our team will help you in customising the custom-printing shipping boxes to create an unforgettable customer experience. Contact us for more details.