Top Scary Halloween Graphics for Your Custom Packaging Boxes

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  • Posted on : October 16, 2020
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Ghostly Greetings to the Martians! Are you considering how to cherish your 2020 Halloween? Novel corona virus undoubtedly freaked some wonderful plans. Companies and brands are wondering the same i.e., How to keep the show going on everyone’s mind this year. Here are some spooky packaging designs that will keep the ethos of Halloween high through spooky custom packaging boxes. Let’s discover them:

  • The Spooky-looking Surprise:
    There is no longer any bumper this year! Provide an exciting home experience for kids who love surprises with the Boo Boxes. This Boo Box comes with a plethora of themed lollies, dungeon crawlers, and painting masks.
  • Rise Of Calaveras:
    Who says Halloween ought to be ugly and gross? You can use floral patterns as well. For Halloween 2020, the bright colours, decorative skulls, nature-inspired shapes (flowers and birds), retro banners, and bony typeface will best complement the festive look of the packaging. Moreover, this kind of packaging also leverages the power of social media shares by consumers.
  • Halloween Inspired Treats:
    Use modern Halloween packaging tactics to launch individual packs of assorted candies in petrifying colours and spine-chilling custom packaging boxes. You can get inspiration from the traditional carved pumpkin heads used during Halloween. The essence of this eerie celebration can be multiplied with solid colours, checkered patterns, and animal vectors. Use the art of storytelling portraying the usual graphic elements of Halloween such as tattered houses, witches, flying brooms, black cats, bats, and full moon.
  • Fun-size Creatures:
    You can decorate your custom packaging boxes for Halloween with bat-theme foil and vampire packaging on your mini delights. Fill your miniature chocolates with oozing blood-like strawberry serum. You can also incorporate creepy chocolate works to the outside packaging. Another way of getting attention is to feature the product on the packaging because professionally designed Halloween graphics of the scrumptious chocolates or treats are mouthwatering.     
  • Eerie Packaging For Halloween:
    Your businesses can experience a slump in their sales if you miss the opportunity to leverage special days of Halloween. Therefore, try to create themed designs to offer a change from the usual stuff to your audience. For instance, you can print spider webs, skulls, and snakes on desserts and coffees packaging. Be playful with graphic designs and colours to get the right feel and share the same holiday spirit.
  • Mysterious Halloween Colours:
    Consider the famous Halloween colour palette swatches to complement the design and graphics:
    • Orange:
      It is the most used colour during this festive season. It represents a pumpkin (a scary one). It is used in contrast with black to break the monotony of darkness.
    • Purple:
      Purple is one of the most used colours during Halloween. It symbolises mystery and supernatural beings. The colour represents witches, monsters, power, and magic.