4 Latest Packaging Designs that Should not be Overlooked

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  • Posted on : February 9, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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For a long time packaging used to be purposed and aimed for product protection and ease in the carriage. Although, with the emergence of branding and marketing strategies and advancing times, packaging became an exclusive tool for selling products. Exotic designs and trends in packaging brought the customer attention towards the shelves and select products. Soon, after the realisation of the importance packaging has in sales and product representation, every trade started using packaging as a business promotion tool. Brand development, brand recognition, and brand identity became a phenomenon and a core component of the product packaging process for every business. The trends and customer demands keep changing by the day and so should these packaging services and processes. The key to a good packaging design is to know what the customers are looking for and fitting into those criteria.

As the trends transform rapidly, we are here to help you keep an eye on them and make sure your packaging is up-to-date. Find a few of such novel packaging designs below:

  • Protective Packaging:

During the past year, due to the lockdown of stores, restaurants, bars, and other retail points, the e-commerce trend started taking off. From groceries to the clothing industry, everyone started shifting online and now the online shopping frenzy does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Since customers are buying everything from the virtual stores, they are going to need some reassurance that even the most fragile of their purchases shall be delivered intact. For this reason, protective packaging is seeing a rise in the coming times. This however does not limit to fragile or breakable items only; the food and drink industries as well need more suitable packaging for their products so the risks of spoilage or damage are reduced to a minimum during the delivery.

  • Calming Design:

Knowing where your customers are standing, what their circumstances are, and what your products can offer them is an absolute necessity. For instance, during the past year, the numbers in anxiety, depression, and stress have spiked many folds compared to the same time period as the year before it. Although the rising numbers are mainly an influence of the ongoing pandemic, your packaging can play its own part in reducing such effects.

Designers have started to absorb packaging designs and colours that are soft and calming, in an attempt to create a sense of calm for the shopping public. Keep in mind that customers are the centre of your packaging design and presentation, designing accordingly can take your business a long way.

  • Porous Packaging Materials:

The current state has brought the public closer to the concerns over health and safety as well as the different ways of contamination. As the National Institute of Health released a guideline on how long can the coronavirus can survive on different surfaces, it is also mentioned how the virus survives longer on cardboard surfaces longer than its porous cousin. This has smart marketers and retailers taking notes and acting fast.

  • Clear Type-Setting:

Customers in the current times cannot afford to spend too much time in the stores. It has become important for all to make their time in stores as short as possible and this can only happen if they can spot and identify their desired products from afar. Your packaging must be clear in telling the nature and use of your products so the customers don’t can spare shorter time in trying to understand what you are selling. The change in customer behaviour is always influential on the packaging designs and trends that are to come ahead. Since packaging sells more than the actual products, it is wise to keep in mind to give it the attention that is due and make sure it properly presents your brand and its goals.