4 Steps to Perfect Custom Christmas Packaging in 2021

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  • Posted on : December 10, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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The most joyous season of the year is just a few days away, which means now is the perfect moment to think about how to make this holiday celebration memorable for your consumers. One of the most powerful tactics to motivate people during the holidays is by providing festive gift packaging.

This is because a great custom Christmas packaging unboxing experience is proven to boost brand loyalty, while also helping to build consumer trust and confidence.

It’s also a unique time for you because your clientele doesn’t just include those who purchase your items directly, it’s also about the people who receive your product as a present. The primary experience your brand gives them is by custom packaging, which also gives you a unique opportunity to entice them to turn into your followers and shop them exclusively from you. 

Here, you will find four steps on the best way to make your custom Christmas packaging a smash hit.

1. Give Your Packaging a Festive Overhaul:

People are visually oriented; this is the reason custom gift packaging is an excellent way to enhance your brand’s image during the holiday season. Switching your regular custom packaging to a holiday-themed look specifically for Christmas demonstrates your brand is ready to go the above and beyond to set you apart from the rest and wow the end-user.

Custom tissue paper is a wonderful gift item to use as wrapping paper and conveys the same impression as shrink wrap, except it can be personalised with your logo or brand colours for improved consumer recognition.

If you’re after customisation on a smaller level, custom labels with a festive theme can spice up custom minimal packaging, while packing materials can also jazz up the outside of packaging or boxes to demonstrate Christmas flair.

You don’t have to undergo a complete packaging overhaul to bring the festive feel to your custom packaging boxes.

2. Branding On Custom Christmas Packaging:

If you’re having a blast with the design and style with your custom holiday packaging, it’s important to remember that brand awareness gives you an upper hand among peers. To ensure the person understands and remembers your product, the best way is to add a personal touch to the design which incorporates all the elements on the custom Christmas boxes.

Some people will also give your product to their loved ones as a gift on Christmas. Your product will introduce them to your product, so a strong brand message through your custom printed boxes communicates what you’re about and how to get in touch.

Also, consider including a banner with your social media pages and website to getter more leads to your business and get them interacting directly with your business.

3. Guilt-Free and Nature-Friendly Shopping: 

Giving gifts and all the happiness it entails comes at a heavy price for our atmosphere, you will be surprised to know that one million tons of trash are thrown during the holiday season alone. Custom boxes are one of the major reasons for this stockpile of waste, as there’s a great deal of stuff that cannot be reused, including paper bags, tape, plastic wrap, and other materials.

Moreover, consumers are also much more aware of their responsibility of being careful with their spending habits. Packaging Europe conducted a survey and found that the majority of respondents were more apt to purchase items with green packaging material. 

The holidays are a great opportunity to shift away from unsustainable practices, letting your patrons know that you are doing your part to mitigate climate impact and their spending will not cause any harm to our planet.

4. Add Some Seasonal Extras:

The Christmas season is an amazing opportunity to strengthen your professional ties with clients by extending them a little kindness and gratitude. Let’s face it, no one likes a whiner! The inclusion of such items into your custom Christmas boxes that are valuable to your customer shows your shoppers that you appreciate their shopping with you during this busy season.

Ending Note:

Consider giving buyers a Christmas card that includes a message from you wishing them a prosperous year for the coming season. The gift wrap to make their lives and present-wrapping procedures a little simpler, promo codes to encourage them to purchase again, or sample offerings to double your earnings. In other words, any gesture of kindness that makes them realise that you deeply care about their business can lead you to success.