4 Ways of Estimating the Market Demand for Your New Packaging Ideas

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  • Posted on : February 8, 2020
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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There often times that a company wants to change their product packaging and introduce it in the market with the hopes of getting a great reputation for it then this blog is going to guide you on this matter.

Executing a change may have negative effects if done wrong, in order to increase the demand of the custom boxes that you are using then you need to know these tips.

  • Picking the “Perfect” Custom Box for the Product:

Custom packaging boxes always pop up in the mind whenever there is a discussion on the packaging boxes. This packaging is a cost and time-effective endeavour. If you plan on either using a custom packaging, updating it or replacing it with a new style. Picking the right box is often trickier since customers may need a while to adjust with the new packaging.  

By comparison with the paper or plastic bags, custom boxes come with several features that also includes hangers or gable tops for carrying the container and having a variety of unique and interesting styles. Custom boxes are trendsetter medium and a quite outstanding promotional item.

Shortlist the potential ideas you have for the product packaging.

  • Generate Prototype Samples:

If you are confused from the shortlist of ideas, use prototypes to see what goes well. You can give a free sample to customers to encourage them about the new design. There is absolutely no person that will not like to have free things. Such an offer will convince the customer to like and try out the product. Once they have tried it out they are likely to accept them moving forward.

  • Campaigning on Social Media:

After you have decided the custom packaging required. You can use social media to generate hype around this idea. People love new and exciting ideas that can make every look elegant all the time, custom boxes add value and beauty to the product.

Plan out the videos and other content that teases the product and garners the interest from the customers. Keeping the game strong is advantageous for you. Especially when you want to get a boost here. The more hype you have the more chances of popularity you shall receive.

  • Bulking up the Boxes:

When you are trying out something new, try to get custom boxes on wholesale. Wholesale boxes can save you money and can be an effective part of your new packaging boxes. You really don’t want to run out of boxes because of doubt. Accepting the change will make it easy for you to move on with the new ideas.

Use bulk order to have a high stock of packaging boxes at all cost, this will allow you in things like handing out more samples or shipping them retail after initial good impression.

New packaging ideas can help a company stay relevant and strong in the market. By carrying on these points you will be able to secure up a high amount of hype and interest for your product.