4 World-Class Tips to Design Perfect Nail Polish Boxes

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  • Posted on : August 31, 2022
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Do you want your customers to obsess over your nail polishes? Get exemplary custom nail polish boxes now to make a mark in the market.

Nail polishes are often packed in a glass bottle and can make your product prone to damage. Using custom nail polish boxes made with sturdy materials can help you maintain a standard and keep your products safe for a long.

Brands can ensure that their customers are receiving the quality they are paying for using these customised nail polish boxes. Packaging design plays a great role in the cosmetics industry. As these products are already expensive, it’s important to showcase the luxury of the product through packaging.

Using interesting and compelling designs can help any brand lure in great masses of customers instantly. Custom nail polish boxes are tailored for brands according to their instructions.

 Here are the 4 world-class tips for brands to follow, and get impressive custom nail polish boxes ready to be shipped in minutes;

1. Showcase Brand’s Logo Admirably:

A good quality custom packaging design can be very useful in helping a product retain a prominent image in the market. There are many nail polish brands in the market making the competition more fierce than ever!

How can brands suffice their customers with their extraordinary products?

Well, starting with custom nail polish boxes can be a good idea. These boxes are customised solely for your brand making them one-of-a-kind already.

Whenever brands go for launching something new, it’s already very attractive to customers, to make them even more eager to try out your products, brands can use pretty designs with their brand’s logo printed beautifully over them.

Packing your product in attractive packaging leaves holds an important place in creating an impact on customers’ buying behaviors. Using custom nail polish boxes, brands can now get their logo digitally printed, embossed, debossed, or even foil stamped on the product packaging. This grabs all the attention towards the brand’s emblem and makes your products unforgettable for them.

2. Use Striking Custom Box Styles:

Selecting a good custom design is important but choosing the right custom box style that supports your design is even more important Every packaging box is different from the others and finding the custom box style that works best for your products is the real task.

It solely depends on the brand if they want to sell their products individually or in packs. Being a cosmetic product, it’s also important for brands to choose the custom box style that is luxurious and classy.

Using specially designed custom boxes with magnetic closure can be a great way to pack your delicate nail polishes in packs. These boxes are often rigid and help to carry multiple products in one go. Using custom inserts inside can add additional safety to your products.

Another famous custom box style to pack nail polishes is an auto-lock box or snap-lock box. These custom boxes have a top lid that helps to keep the product enclosed and helps to keep them safe for a long. The addition of a die-cut window in these boxes is very common. This helps the customers get an idea of what they are getting as a product from your brand.

3. Finishing Touches That Stand Out:

To make your products worthwhile, there is another design feature for you to try out!
Custom nail polish boxes are already very exclusive as they are only made to represent your brand. We know, digital printing requires extra care to keep it fixed on the packaging for a long.

Here, custom coatings for packaging come in. After you have selected an eye-catching design and a perfect box style to pack your nail polishes. It’s time to go for what type of coating you want to do over your packaging box to keep your printed information safe beneath it.

Brands have many options from lamination to varnish to spot UV and they can select what works for their products.

For example; if your brand is selling matte nail polishes they can go for custom packaging boxes with matte lamination. This will not only showcase the qualities of your products but will help you beat this rich market competition easily.

4. Materials That Support Designing:

As the demand for eco-friendly boxes continues to grow, our company is expanding its use of cardboard and Kraft material. We use these materials in conjunction with a variety of other materials to create a wide range of boxes that are both environmentally friendly and durable.

Custom nail polish boxes made with cardboard or Kraft material can be adapted to any design or shape. They can also be printed with logos, graphics, and text on the front or back of the box. The choice of which material to use depends mainly upon its crucial feature of eco-friendly nature. Cardboard is very low-maintenance and adaptable, meaning it can be used to create compelling custom nail polish boxes in no time.

A custom cardboard box can be turned into any custom box shape, style, and size your brand wishes to have. This is important to choose what works best for your products. Emenac Packaging UK makes your custom nail polish packaging distinctive and attractive, which will help your brand reach its best-selling point.