5 Christmassy Cookie Packaging Designs to Impress Your Customers

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  • Posted on : December 16, 2023
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The winter chills, the spruce trees, the lighting, and the sweetmeats. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And amid all of this festive charm, your cookies can be your customers’ number-one favourite confectionery. No, we do believe your recipe is already the best and that your cookies are already a favourite among your target audience.

But it’s Christmas time and this means a perfect opportunity to double if not quadruple your sales. What we are saying is that you can upgrade your cookie packaging to make it festive enough that it carries that celebratory charm of Christmas to drive your sales to the peak! The best way to drive sales is to get Christmas-themed custom cookie packaging boxes or bags, to encapsulate the attention of your customers and to entice them into buying your products.

How is Packaging Imperative?

Packaging serves as the face of your products and, therefore the face of your brand. Packaging is not only useful when it comes to protecting your products, but it also helps market your brand and broadcast your messages to the consumer market.

There is no doubt that people always buy what they see and when it comes to the packaging of any brand’s products, customers tend to judge books by their covers. So why not use your cookie packaging to reflect the Christmas time vibe and boost sales?

You could grab this opportunity and create celebratory custom cookie packaging bags and boxes, or let this opportunity pass and lose so many potential customers. If you want to avoid doing the latter and instead wish to make your brand shine bright this holiday season, we have some pretty festive cookie packaging design ideas for you! So fasten your sleigh belts and scroll on!

Christmassy Cookie Packaging Designs

Use any one of these cookie packaging design ideas or use more than one of these to be more creative, and you will surely end up with some brilliantly festal packaging that will attract customers to your products.

1. The Right Christmas Colours

Let’s start at the base of your cookie packaging boxes’ design. The first and foremost thing you need to consider is what colour you want your brand’s cookie packaging to be.

The classic green-red combo screams “Christmas!” It can be a remarkable choice when you are choosing the best festive color combination for your cookie packaging bags and boxes.

Fret not if the green-red does capture the Christmassy aura but fails to accentuate your brand’s tone, you can always go for white and black with gold foil detailing! Festive isn’t it?

Some awesome Christmas colours for your cookie packaging ideas are:

  • #305A47
  • #8e1131
  • #89764B
  • #F3F1EB

Look them up and get to designing the best cookie packaging for your brand!

2. The Right Print Elements

Once you have decided on your base colour, it’s time to decide on what print elements you should choose to incorporate into your cookie packaging design.

A little extra print detail never hurt anyone, in fact, the more the merrier! Here are some imagery ideas you can add to your cookie packaging boxes and bags:

  • Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus
    • The Elves
    • Christmas Trees
    • Presents
    • Candy Canes
    • Reindeers
    • Christmas lights
    • (or literally anything Christmassy!)

Adding one or more of the above-mentioned print elements to your cookie packaging bags and boxes is unquestionably one of the most jovial and fun cookie packaging ideas for Christmas!

3. The Right Text (Broadcast Christmas sales)

Other than the usual “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” on your cookie packaging boxes and being done with your festive packaging, you should understand that your delicious cookies deserve better! Therefore, why not interest more customers by broadcasting your Christmas sales and discounts on your packaging?

It is clearly understood that your cookie packaging can act as the best advertising and marketing tool for your brand. Imagine how lovely it would be to attract hordes of customers just by adding some extra treats and a single phrase on your cookie packaging stating something like:

  • 20% extra cookies this Christmas!
  • Buy one bag of cookies and get another for half price!
  • 10% off! Merry Christmas!
  • Bigger Family-Serving Cookie Bags this Santa Season
  • Limited Edition Cookie Gift Boxes

4. The Right Font for the Right Text

If you are broadcasting your sales and wishing your customers a Merry Christmas, then you need just the right font to convey your message on your Christmassy cookie packaging. Here is a list of some Christmas-themed festive fonts to use on your product’s packaging to make them stand out:

  • American Christmas by Mans Greback
  • Christmas Sparkle by Mans Greback
  • Christmas Wish Monoline by Roland Huse Design
  • Heavenly Christmas by Typhoon Type

Now let’s talk about limited edition cookie packaging bags and boxes!

5. Limited-Ed Impulse Purchases!

This Christmas, make the fans of your scrumptious cookies impulse buy your products by creating extra special limited edition cookie packaging bags and boxes! This is one of those cookie packaging ideas that never fails to boost sales.

This Christmas time, woo your customers with the most creative and crafty cookie packaging they have ever seen! Play around with unique shapes for your cookie packaging boxes or make your cookie packaging bags out of scent-infused materials! Be as creative as you can be, and outshine your competitors with your limited-edition cookie packaging!

Extra Tip: Order packaging from the Best Packaging Supplier!

Even if you follow all the aforementioned cookie packaging ideas, but your packaging company fails to deliver your cookie packaging like the one you had imagined, it would be a Christmas time blunder! No one wants any blunder at this time of the year! So choose Emenac Packaging UK for we understand the assignment and can provide you with the cookie packaging solutions of your dreams! Order from us, and forget being disappointed (at least when it comes to packaging that boosts sales)!