5 Fantastic Tips To Amplify The Personality Of Your Custom Mascara Packaging

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  • Posted on : November 24, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Custom Mascara packaging enhances the beauty and elegance of eyes and holds a significant place in any makeup kit. Makeup enthusiasts and fashionistas agree that mascara is a must-have make-up item. If your company sells top-notch mascara, it must be your ambition to attract as many makeup enthusiasts as possible. The packaging of your product must be beautifully crafted to make it appealing and stunning.

You can also grow the sales of your products by making them more appealing. According to one research, 72% of consumers consider packaging design to be a major factor in their purchasing decisions. Customers can now buy top-quality mascaras from many brands. How will you distinguish your products from those of already established brands if you are a newly established company?

In this write-up you will get to know few tips that can make your custom mascara packaging pop:

1. Choose a Catchy Look For Custom Mascara Packaging:

A make-up collection is perhaps incomplete without mascara boxes. Using mascara improves your appearance, and it makes you look more attractive. Then why should the mascara packaging boxes look plain and old-fashioned? If you wish to appeal to women and establish yourself as an authoritative brand, then you should opt for custom mascara boxes. 

Women are not hard to please. So, therefore you will have to put extra effort to give the packaging a more glamorous and elegant look. Test different colour schemes, captivating combinations, and enticing text for Mascara Boxes. Such glittering boxes can turn even turn newcomers into regular patrons. 

2. Bring Your Brand’s Personality To Life With The Artwork:

Make sure your packaging artwork is perfect by spending effort, expertise, and energy on it. Taking these steps will ensure that your packaging artwork is exactly what you want it to be. There is a lot of room for your artistic preference to be showcased when designing the custom mascara packaging boxes. It will give them a sense of belonging to your brand and encourage them to purchase your products.

3. Use of Sturdy Material:

The manufacturing of custom mascara packaging can be greatly enhanced with the use of durable cardboard boxes. As mascaras are sensitive and fragile, robust custom mascara boxes help you get ample safety for your beauty items. 

The reliable packaging material also prevents the product from harmful external factors like extreme temperatures, dampness, and aridity. The main thing to consider here is that it lets you deliver your product to your customers unharmed and unspoiled.

4. Add some Exciting Fonts:

To make things more attention-seeking and exhilarating for end-users you need to experiment with font style, sizes until you find the perfect combination. Because buyers appreciate new and lovely prints, such bespoke packaging display make the customer feel more valued.

To give the product a professional look, you could also include the following enlightening facts:

  • Raise your lashes
  • Voluminous
  • No faux lashes

It is always a good idea to print top-quality materials onto custom mascara packaging since it will enhance the product’s appearance. Font can matter a lot, especially how you choose to mix it with the colour, and make it more prominent and alter the length as per the demand of the writing style. 

5. High-Quality Printing:

It’s impossible to overlook the printing techniques when you’re discussing custom mascara packaging. Different printing techniques result in different packaging designs.

The printing methods used for top-notch quality mascara packaging make them look even more adorable. Printing beautiful patterns and designs are possible with the growth of the packaging industry. Colour combinations can be selected based on the audience you’re targeting.

A classic box can be made out of silver, gold, or simple colours if it’s intended for an older woman. Inspiring and sparkly packaging looks particularly attractive to teenagers. By customising packaging, a particular demographic can be targeted.

Even images can be printed on the cases to make them more inviting to users. It is possible to offer top-notch products while combining the right colours and styles.

Final Words:

Mascaras have become the most liked item in the women’s makeup accessory. If your product is designed with appealing and attractive appearance then you can rest assure that your merchandise will not go overlook on the aisle.