5 Ground-breaking Ways of Using Custom Cards in Your Packaging

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  • Posted on : June 11, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Closing the gap between customers and brands has been the struggle of every business. It helps the buyers feel the human side of businesses and nourish their sense of dedication and loyalty. One of the approaches that prove effective in the cause is showing your gratitude towards customers. Most brands use insert cards in their product packaging to either thank their customers for the purchase or enlighten them about the brand’s backstory. Custom Cards are also effective in guiding customers towards the use of products.

Here you will learn a few small gestures of gratitude and guides that will be appreciated by your customers:

1. Cards of Gratitude:

Research shows that the expression of gratitude for smaller things results in a happier life and daily routine. The addition of thank you cards in your packaging boxes makes the day a little jollier for you and your customers. This gesture is a great way of valuing your customers and reminding them of their importance to your business. Sometimes these two words are enough to bind the customers to your brand.

2. Cards Showing More than Your Brand:

Customer engagement and curiosity are empowered through their insight into your business. Using custom cards, you get the opportunity to tell your brand’s story. This behind-the-scenes preview of your business will help customers to know the humans behind your business and build a sense of loyalty. One of the best examples of utilising this plan is that some retailers add their own photo on the card, this way customers get to see the real person behind the idea instead of a name and a blank face. Customers want to know the people they are supporting by buying their products, which can help go a long way.

3. Information Cards:

Sometimes your products need to be delivered with instructions and it can be anything from product assembly to the user’s guide. This is an excellent opportunity to show your customers your willingness to go that extra mile for them. While most businesses choose a boring and bland guide sheet or paper, you can change the trend by adding creatively speaking cards that are better at communicating with your customers.

4. Handwritten Cards:

Everyone is fond of handwritten cards, be it cards wishing birthdays or cards that thank customers for their loyalty and commitment to brands. Since resisting against a personalized handwritten card is not an easy thing to do, they are a good way of getting through to your customers. You can customise your cards into any design and leave a few lines of blank space for your personal note.

5. Cards with Wholesome Messages:

Sometimes all one needs to have a good day is a random compliment or statement of encouragement. Gestures of the like can be helpful for people having a long day. Using custom cards to send positive and complimentary sentences to your customers will help them get through their day and remember the kind gesture for even longer. Imagine having a hard day and all of a sudden receiving words of encouragement from a source completely unexpected!

Every business has its way of improving customer experience. It is a process of securing one loyal customer at a time and cannot be rushed into. Claiming customer loyalty is a long thought process that needs dedication and work. We are sure your customers will love these delightful cards as they open their packaging.