5 Horrible Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Paper Stand-up Pouches

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  • Posted on : December 30, 2022
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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The market share of paper stand-up pouches is expanding with time. In 2018, it was 11.3 billion USD and by 2026, it’s estimated to reach 20.12 billion USD. (Source: Fortune Business Insights)

It means that paper pouches are not going anywhere. Now a lot of liquid products and fine powder like syrups, lubricants, beverages, and cleaning solutions are coming in stand-up pouches. In this case, you need an extra layer inside the paper bag that could avoid any leakage and give the required strength.

It is important to choose the right expert and manufacturer who consider all the nuances to avoid any mishap in your product. Here are five mistakes that are entirely avoidable when it comes to paper stand-up pouches selection for your product.

1. Choose the Right Prototype:

When you are choosing the prototype for your stand-up pouches, consider the functions that they will perform during their use like how it looks for display and whether is it safe for storage & transit.

The usual failure in the stand-up pouches is their fracture on high tension and stress. That’s why it is a critical step when you are choosing the prototype. With an expert manufacturer, the rigorous process of selecting of right prototype becomes easy so that your product remains safe in them.

2. Double Check the Seal:

In the case of liquid and fine powder products, it will be a disaster if your stand-up pouches leak during transit or on your retail shelf. Select stronger seals on high-tension areas of your custom pouches to make sure that your product stays protected.

3. Durable Packaging Material:

Select the durable packaging material for your custom stand-up pouches. You can use Kraft material with catchy minimalistic designs. It is the most used packaging material for food products. Meanwhile, you don’t need to worry about its bio-degradability as Kraft transforms itself into nonhazardous components on degeneration. 

4. Field Testing of Pouch:

You don’t want your customer to be baffled just because your packaging is messed up. When you choose your prototype and finalised your design, it’s time to pass your paper pouches to harsh possible situations. Your packaging material must be strong enough to pass through them without any failure.

You can use stretch and stress testing for the same purpose. You also need to make sure that your packaging must not permeable so that it could stop any leakage and halt any water vapours from the environment to enter.

5. Spout for Easy Opening and Closing:

Spouts make your custom stand-up pouches more functional and useful. They act as a tab for the inside product and help in making the process of pouring easy and neat. It is a viable option for the kind of products that need countless openings and closings of pouches. It is crucial to fit them preciously without leaving any gap.


When you are choosing stand-up pouches be careful to get from the wholesale supplier and manufacturer directly with a robust portfolio. They give you limitless options for customisating the design, shape, and size of your packaging. Additionally, it will help you to get them at affordable prices for your bulk order. Emenac Packaging UK offer free design assistance for all custom packaging boxes orders with free shipping.