5 Kraft Packaging Trends That Could Get Customers BUYING More!

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  • Posted on : July 28, 2022
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Do you know what’s great about custom Kraft boxes? 


When you get them for your product packaging, you bring convenience to your customers and inspire them to buy more. The best part of Kraft boxes is that they’re free of all toxic materials and can easily decay within a few days or months. So, why not order them for your products?  See 5 amazing Kraft packaging trends below… 

Custom Kraft Packaging Trends to Watch for this Year!

Eco-friendly custom Kraft boxes are super-popular among buyers. 

With the increased awareness of environmental pollution, people are switching to biodegradable and non-toxic packaging products. If done correctly, items packed in eye-catching Kraft boxes can receive more attention as compared to items enclosed in other packaging materials.  

The list of 5 stunning Kraft packaging trends is given below: 

  1. Versatile Slide-Out Boxes 
  2. Custom Counter Display Boxes
  3. Tiny Jewellery Kraft Boxes 
  4. Attractive Kraft Bakery Boxes 
  5. Garment and Shoe Cases

1. Versatile Slide-Out Boxes:

Also known as sleeve cases, slide-out boxes have two parts. A sliding drawer and a sleeve. These types of packaging boxes are flat shipped. Plastic windows can also be added to the sleeves to let the products shine inside the boxes! 

2. Custom Counter Display Boxes:

Ever noticed the shops’ counter-tops? 

You might see candy bars, tiny ornaments, and many other things being displayed on the shelves. Such materials are usually placed in custom Kraft boxes. 

Because these small boxes don’t occupy larger areas, Kraft boxes are frequently used by the shop owners. Furthermore, they’re affordable and can also showcase brand logos. 

3. Tiny Jewellery Kraft Boxes:

Kraft boxes can be used for selling rings, necklaces, brooches, etc. Even big brands also use such cases for selling jewellery. White foams or cousins can be inserted to ensure optimum protection. 

As jewellery tends to have direct interaction with our skins, these ornaments should be properly safeguarded. And, for this purpose, using Kraft boxes is the perfect option because it protects the products from all angles. 

4. Attractive Kraft Bakery Boxes:

The supreme quality Kraft boxes can stand against severe climatic conditions like rain and also fight back UV rays. Hence, using them for delicious bakery products can keep the food safe and prevent them from any damage. These boxes can also keep the food fresh during shipment. 

5. Garment and Shoe Cases:

For entrepreneurs selling clothes or shoes, Kraft packaging can be a good option. Kraft boxes for clothes have a simple but strong base with walls on all sides. The top covers are sometimes fixed on them for better security and sometimes used as loose top lids. 

Once the products are packed in such packaging boxes, you can use colourful ribbons or tapes for sealing them. Kraft boxes are lightweight and cannot bear the weight of heavy products. So, make sure your products are not too heavy before you decide to order Kraft boxes.  Whether you’re running a shoe shop or selling jewellery online, Kraft boxes can help you deliver an optimum buying experience to the customers. Furthermore, they’re affordable which makes them perfect packaging materials if you want to save shipment costs.