5 Significant Threats To Business Cards That are deterred by Custom Business Card Boxes

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  • Posted on : October 15, 2020
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Custom business card boxes are used for a lot of other purposes apart from stacking, storing, and shipping the cards. The benefits of customised business card boxes range from least to maximum depending on the material used in their making. The most durable and commonly used materials are cardboard, Kraft, rigid, and corrugated. Here we have discussed 5 crucial benefits of using custom-made business card boxes or you can say 5 major threats that are deterred by custom-designed business card boxes. Consider the following five points when you are opting for custom packaging for your business card printing business:

  • Shield Against Jolt:
    Since business cards are made of flimsy and thin surfaces of cardboard. Therefore, they are vulnerable to get folded and curled up. As a result, irrevocable creases may form on the cards. Also, the corners get folded. To get rid of all such issues the best possible way is to use custom business card boxes, especially made from corrugated material. The reason why corrugated is more preferable is the fact that it is the sturdiest material with the highest tear resistance of all. Custom-made business card boxes with corrugated layers provide a bigger shield against the impact by keeping the cards intact.                
  • Shield Against Dampness:
    Business cards are made from paper board, that is why dampness can ruin their integrity. It also severely affects the layer of the cards. Your business cards are like the representation of your business, therefore, do not let this opportunity out of your hand by giving the stinky smelled near-wet paper cards. The high-quality customised business card boxes can save you from this embarrassment and level up your business’ perception in the mind of the costumers.
  • Shield Against Rust:
    You may notice a brownish layer on the cards. This is natural and it is known as rust. Metals are mainly affected by rust but do not mean rust will not affect any other material. To address this particular issue use top-notch custom business card boxes with aqueous coating on them. The aqueous finishing is one of the best ways to protect your business cards from the rust.    
  • Shield Against saturation:
    Moist or rust are almost the same things the difference is exposure to limited or massive amounts of water. When talking about aqueous coating, one of the biggest problems is the direct exposure pf cards to water that results in total devastation of this case-sensitive item. Water will not only cause rust and moisture but also tear down the inner fabric of the paper which is pressed hard to form a business card. Custom-made business card boxes with the aqueous coating will make them waterproof. It is a good way to preserve the crisp of the business cards. 
  • Shield Against Dirt:
    Although, dirt is not big of an issue, but they can level down the appearance of nonperishable products such as paper-based products. Nonetheless, an eminent business card printing merchandise would never like that their customers receive the cards with a thin layer of dirt. Therefore, a solution that was taken into account is the lamination over the customised business card boxes. It will give a sleek finishing to your boxes and protect the cards inside while protecting the box from all the harmful impacts.