5 Surprising Ways Custom Packaging Boxes Can Boost the Delivery Experience

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  • Posted on : August 25, 2023
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Are you trying to figure out a way to delight your customers that leads to generate more sales through delivery? The answer is simple, use custom packaging boxes as product packaging. You can tailor these boxes by adjusting many parameters at a time such as size, shape, color scheme, and material. The customisation in these attributes will help you to achieve all the specific requirements of shipping, branding, and customer demands. 

Let’s explore the surprising ways custom packaging boxes can boost the delivery experience because of the inherent potential of high functionality and aesthetics. 

1. Adds Quality to the Product 

When you use custom packaging boxes for shipping your product, it adds not only quality but also provides a sense of legitimacy for your product. Your packaging includes all the necessary detail about your brand that helps the customer to trust it easily. These boxes indicate that the product is manufactured by some reputable brand. 

2. Provide Ultimate Protection 

The main objective of employing custom packaging boxes is to provide protection during the transit process. These boxes go beyond a certain extent when it comes to safety because the chance of the product rolling inside the packaging boxes is very limited. These boxes are formed exactly the same size as the product and sometimes, brands also add inserts for extra protection. 

3. Promote Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction diminishes when they receive the product on their doorstep in pieces. According to Forbes, 60% to 80% of customers avoid the same brands, if their product packaging deviates from the common standards. On the flip side, Dotcom published, 44% of customers prefer to buy the product from a brand that uses premium product packaging. 

4. Enhance Brand Awareness

Custom packaging boxes help the brand to print their signature colors and designs so that customers could easily recognise them. For instance, the red and white colour of Coca-Cola is a powerful source of indication about the presence of the brand, the same is true about the minimal iPhone Box and McDonald’s Happy Meal box. 

Packaging boxes provide information about your brand name, message, logo, values, special ingredients, and product benefits. 

5. Combines Practicality and Functionality 

The higher practicality and functionality of custom packaging boxes are also vital reasons to employ them in the delivery of different products such as food, medicines, etc. For instance, in the case of pharmaceutical product delivery, the material of these boxes prevents the product from contamination. In the case of food transiting, these boxes maintain the freshness and flavor of the food products. You can also reuse these boxes for other products that once were used for different products. 


Custom packaging boxes have the power to boost your delivery experience because of their adaptability to any size, shape, and design. You can also use the desired material like corrugated, rigid, etc. to attain the level of durability that is necessary for your product protection. In order to receive higher recognition from customers, you can also print brand signature designs on custom packaging boxes.