6 Costly Mistakes You’re Making with Your Food Packaging Boxes

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  • Posted on : October 19, 2022
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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If the packaging is the face that represents your product, then how crucial it is to make your food packaging boxes looks good?

Your packaging is the first thing a customer gets familiar with while picking up your food product. So, if you want them to put your food products in their shopping cart then focus on your packaging.

Making good custom food packaging boxes is very important and in this step companies or small businesses go wrong and make mistakes regarding them.

But here are some insights on how you can avoid mistakes in your wholesale food packaging boxes:

1. Bright Colours:

You are selling food, yes and it needs to look fresh and tempting from the outside as well. This is probably the reason why businesses use bright and catchy colours for their packaging.

This is a good thought but actually, it is not a good approach for selling your food items.

Using too much bright colours on your customised food packaging will make the buyer reluctant to buy your product and your product with bright colours will stay on the shelves or in the warehouses.

Food items have their representation; they don’t need additional bright colours to make them valuable to the customers.

Don’t use bright colours to flutter buyers’ eyes, choose normal shades of colours with normal brightness.

2. Bold Fonts:

Big-size text is good and it is very easily readable from afar but you don’t need to put big characters and symbols on your custom food packaging boxes.

Customer buys your food item to eat the food in the packaged box, they don’t need to eat the big words from the packaging box.

Use big fonts for only one to two words and no more. Write the remaining text in small and normal size.

You should always use and select the size of your font that fits in the spaces of the bespoke food packaging box.

Don’t use big-size texts that don’t fit on the packaged box.

3. Big Food Pictures:

It was the old style and form of packaging when the product’s picture was printed on the front and back of the packaging.

This style is not used today but even if you still like it, you need to take a deeper look over the presentation.

Too many big-sized pictures of the food products on the custom packaging boxes take away the look of the product.

Nobody likes to buy food products with massive food pictures on the packaging. It feels like the product has already been consumed by just having a look at it.

4. Unnecessary Information:

We know you sell a food product and we know that you need to list all the amazing things on your custom packaging, but not everything is necessary to put on the package.

Providing a lot of useless information and unnecessary copywriting on the custom-printed packaging is a big red flag.

Always write the important information first and then filter out the rest. Then compare and evaluate what your food product needs.

Product name, brand name, nutrition list, FDA approval and flavour name, that’s all you need to fill in your custom packaging.

5. Wrapped in Plastic:

This is the biggest turndown towards a product’s packaging.

You sell food products and you want them to reach your customers in safe conditions. It’s a good thought but wrapping up the food item in plastic is a bad thought and a bad approach.

We have to keep our environment and Erath clean and it can’t be done if we continue to wrap up our food in plastic.

Don’t use plastic, instead use paper wraps to wrap your food, to have zero contribution to spreading waste.


The food business is also on the run and is competing hard with other businesses as well. Try to invest some time in your food packaging boxes and make it better than before.

Trying out new ideas is good but you have to look into what is right and wrong about your custom food packaging.

Your food product might be delicious but if its packaging is not appealing no one is going to buy your product. So, take your time and make your food packaging delicious too, just like your food item.