6 Creative Ideas to Design Attractive Custom Cigar Boxes

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  • Posted on : November 4, 2023
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Cigar is a tobacco product that is used by a lot of people to fulfill smoking needs. Nowadays, it has become a trend all over the world. People consider the cigar as a symbol of luxury. There is a higher chance that the cigar can get damaged by bad weather conditions, improper storage, and shipping. So, it is essential to maintain cigar packaging with better protection to protect it from any damage.

Many brands are using different types of packaging to pack the different types of cigars. For protective packaging, custom cigar boxes are the best option.

If you want some of the creative ideas to make your custom cigar boxes stand out from the competition in the retail markets, below are the 10 most creative ideas to design the best custom cigar boxes. Keep reading!

1. Customise Cigar Packaging Boxes:

If you want to make your cigar packaging box striking in the retail market, the best way is to do the unique customisation of your cigar packaging boxes. With such customisation, your custom cigar boxes will attract customers.

You can easily customise your cigar packaging boxes with the desired design, colour scheme, size, unboxing style, and shape, with other additional features. You can design custom logo cigar boxes by printing your brand logo with some necessary details. By printing logos on the custom cigar boxes, you get your brand promoted.

2. Use Different Packaging Designs and Styles:

Without product marketing and advertisement, it is impossible to get better sales leads and grow your brand. If you use distinctive and related packaging designs and styles for your custom cigar boxes that will attract your customers, you will get a good sales potential.

If you want your product packaging to look professional and appealing, the best option is to design a brand story, logo, taglines, and appealing artwork. By doing so, you will promote your product, especially in the tobacco marketplace.

3. Try Go for Sustainable Material:

Cardboard is the best option to use for custom cigar boxes wholesale for packaging purposes. Cardboard material better products the cigar product both internally and externally and also promotes an eco-friendly environment.

Custom cardboard cigar boxes are a cost-effective option as compared to the other packaging materials and allow unique customisation in a better way. If you want some of the custom cigar boxes for gift purposes. It’s best to use rigid packaging material because of better sturdiness.

4. Go for the Minimalist Approach:

Usually, customers like such products that are packaged in a sturdy design. So, in this way, the minimalist approach is the best option for cigar boxes. For example, if you use complex box designs with multiple colours and texts, it makes your custom cigar box ugly, and no one like it.

Customers ultimately like such packaging boxes that come with a simple design, themed colour combinations, product-related texts, and other necessary details. So, try going for such packaging design and style that attracts your customers.

5. Professional Printing and Finishing:

When you incorporate professional printing on the custom cigar boxes, you have the best opportunity to attract customers to your cigar box by educating them about the brand and the product. So, you can add the following details on the custom cigar boxes to make your box more attractive:

  • Product and brand name
  • Company contact info
  • Cigar health effects
  • Social media profile links
  • Handling and storage instructions
  • Brand logo, story, motto, and taglines

These details help the customers to finalize their purchasing decision about the product by knowing about the product details and other such necessary details. To attract potential buyers to the brand, it’s the best option to print tobacco leaves images, brand logos, and brand contact info.

6. Luxury Finishing:

Cigar is a luxury tobacco product so there is a need for some luxury finishing to avoid the custom wooden cigar boxes from poor handling and other environmental effects. You can use the following finishes besides the cardboard material that better protects the cigar box from different damages:

  • Glossy and matte lamination
  • Spot UV coating
  • Varnish coat

Also, you may add some of these add-ons to make your custom cigar boxes enticing and unique:

  • Gold and silver metalized foiling
  • Window die cuts
  • Logo embossing and debossing
  • Different custom inserts

Get your Custom Cigar Boxes!

This blog taught you how to do custom cigar box packaging and printing to give a professional and attractive look. If you design your cigar box packaging and printing by following the above-mentioned guidelines, you can easily grow your sales in the retail tobacco product. Do you want customised wholesale packaging for cigar products at affordable rates? Don’t worry, Emenac Packaging UK gives you premium quality custom-printed cigar boxes with logos as per your packaging needs. We will prepare the quality level custom cigar boxes for you!