6 Simple Design Patterns for Custom Cake Boxes

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  • Posted on : September 9, 2022
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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A Cake is the only bundle of happiness that you would love to carry around everywhere. Everybody knows a cake in a box is as intriguing as a football match.

You are holding the box of cake and you just want to eat it all. When the cake inside a box is so tempting then why can’t be the box that carries that cake?

It is equally important to make your cake boxes visually appealing so they can match your cake’s standard.

It is a power move that you give your cake boxes a different design pattern so that the customer knows that they bought something special for themselves.

Putting your cake in an attractive box will ace the taste of your cake.

Here are six different design patterns that can make a beautiful cover for your cake box; 

1. Polka Dots:

The pattern features small rounded dots covering the base in a repeating manner.

It involves two colours one goes into the base and the other colour goes into dots.

This pattern is very simple of all and looks very classic on everything.

2. Stripes:

The stripes pattern is simple and gives off a defined look to anything it covers.

The pattern can involve two to a few colours together, coming in elongated stripes.

The stripes pattern for customised cake boxes can be made thick or thin according to your choice but making thin stripes on cake boxes will look better. 

3. Floral:

This is the most important pattern when it comes to cakes. Floral pictures on bespoke cake boxes look amazing and add additional beauty to them.

This pattern is simple but it can be customised according to your style.

Make a few big flowers on the side of the box or just simply make small flowers all over the box, either way, your cake box will have a lovely look.

4. Greek Key:

The Greek Key pattern is the one that looks old but when you use it on your boxes, it will give them a sensible and interesting look.

This pattern is made with continuous lines that repeatedly bend backward and makes a square shape with spirals at the end.

The pattern follows a squared symmetry and gives a finished look to any sort of box.

5. Ditsy:

A ditsy pattern is also a very simple pattern in which the objects or pictures are repeated in a very random way.

When it comes to the Ditsy pattern, you need to take two things in your mind very clearly, this pattern uses small pictures and in a random manner.

It mostly uses flowers as design but other objects like fruits, leaves and very small lines can also be used. You can customise your cake packaging boxes at wholesale price, keeping all the unique patterns on for better cake presentation and charm.

6. Chevron:

Another captivating pattern for your cake boxes is chevron. This is similar to stripes but in this pattern, the stripes are placed in a zig-zag manner on the box.

The stripes in this pattern are thick and single, giving a fresh appeal.

This pattern looks bold and interesting at the same time and will give your cake mesmerizing look.


All these patterns have different and simple designs that increase the beauty of what it takes on.

So, now we have got a list of different patterns for custom cake boxes. Now it is your choice to select your desired pattern and make it on the cover of your cake boxes. These patterns are a very good way to present your wholesale cake boxes to your customers so that they know they held something which is pretty on the outside and delicious on the inside.