6 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Custom Cookie Boxes

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  • Posted on : September 28, 2022
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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With simple logo on cookie boxes surely looks good but you can make the packaging of your custom cookie boxes better than before by creating different designs, appealing artwork and embossed finishing options. All these elements will bring a complete new look to your cookie packaging.

Anyone who would buy cookies from your brand will most likely become your regular customer if your custom cookie boxes are appealing and unique enough for them.

Today we will discuss, 6 simple ways you can enhance your cookie boxes for your business;

1. Use Different Colours and Patterns:

Cookie boxes are the most anticipated boxes that you would open and would love to eat your cookies from them. Back in the day, there were just soft and brown plain boxes in which cookies were sold, but now the cookie boxes are gaining importance as well and they come in different designs as well.

When ordering your custom cookie packaging, consider giving them a simple pattern which is light and sensible. The patterns shouldn’t be loud or big and shouldn’t change the original pattern.

When choosing colours for the cookie boxes go for soft and edible colours which would add more desire to quickly eat your cookies.

2. Classic Box Shape:

Cookies are simple snacks which are sweet and are bought in small quantities. Nobody would buy huge boxes of cookies for themselves.

Make your custom cookie boxes in small and easy-to-handle shapes. Cookies don’t take a huge portion so stick with basic shapes like square, tray and round.

The simpler your cookie boxes shape will be the more likely it will be bought.

3. Add Embellishments:

When you order simple pattern cookie boxes, don’t think that they are not pretty enough for customers.

You can add any sort of adornment on the corners or at the top of your boxes. Beauty elements like pretty pictures, designs or a sticker will add more beauty to your cookie box.

4. Differently shaped cookies:

Well using differently shaped cookie boxes is not a good idea as we have discussed before, but you don’t need to limit yourself.

If you want to do something different you can always experiment with your cookies. Make and bake your cookies in different shapes and sizes so you can be unique among other cookie sellers.

5. Box border and design:

Consider a simple piece of paper with written text on it and compare it with a paper with a border and a little bit of design.

A border on any paper or box creates symmetry and a defined look for that material. Creating a border on a cookie box with a small size design around it looks beautiful and sensible at the same time.

6. Edible Flowers:

One more thing to increase the beauty of your custom cookie boxes is the addition of edible flowers to the box.

Edible flowers are great when it comes to adding extra ornamentation to food. Their small size with bright fresh colours creates a feeling of beauty and freshness in our minds.

You can always add some tiny pieces of edible flowers to the corner of your cookie boxes to make it more special.


Selling your product in a custom packaging is always a good choice as it creates a unique name for your brand. Selling your cookies in some good and appealing cookie boxes makes your cookies tastier and special. Always make your custom cookie boxes uniquely different and up to the industry trends.