7 Colour Printing Combinations You Shouldn’t Miss When Designing Custom Matchbooks

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  • Posted on : January 20, 2024
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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It’s not easy to get a competitive advantage in the competitive marketplace and it’s quite a challenging task. The more unique your marketing strategy, there are more chances that you can easily off-beat the competition. Your marketing strategy will only become successful when you fulfill your target audience’s needs and design eye-catching and unique packaging designs so that you can win over your customer’s hearts. If you want to make your custom matchbooks packaging stand out, you should come up with the latest, unique, and eye-catching packaging colour combination. In this blog post, we are going to share 7 colour printing combinations you shouldn’t miss when going for matchbook packaging design.

1. Yellow and Charcoal:

If you want to give your packaging a contrasting and flawless look, you can go with the yellow and charcoal colour combination. Both these colours are the best colours for detailing as long as you use some other colour in the background.

2. Pink and Cherry Red:

If you want to give your matchbook packaging a charming look, you can go with the bubblegum pink and cherry red colour combination. If you include these colours wisely or finalise your matchbook packaging design colour in the right way by using these colours, you can literally create rich designs.

3. Off-White and Sage Green:

A Sage green and off-white colour combination would be one of the incredible choices for the custom-printed matchbook design. As long as you make one colour as a base colour and the detailing with the other colour would be a complete success.

4. Black and Gold:

Colour combinations of black and gold colours would give your custom-printed matchbook packaging a remarkable and exquisite look. You can market your brand by picking black colour as a base colour and adding gold-foil details to grab customer’s attention.

5. Off-White and Cherry Red:

This colour combination is also one of the classical colours to use for custom-printed matchbooks. By using off-white with cherry red colour, you can make your customised matchbooks stand out on the shelves and the best way to promote brand in the market.

6. Burnt Orange and Peach Fuzz:

Peach fuzz is considered the Pantone colour of the year 2024 and if you want to give your matchbook packaging a splendid look, you can go with the colour combination of burnt orange and peach fuzz. You can include this colour combination in your matchbook packaging design and easily get customers’ attention.

7. Silver and Navy Blue:

It’s one of the incredible colour combinations that would definitely make your matchbook packaging stand out. You can make this colour combination even more perfect by going for navy blue as a base colour and using the silver colour as detailing.

Final Words!

When choosing the matchbook colour combination, you should also consider the packaging material you use for the custom matchbooks. The above-mentioned 7 printing colour combinations would definitely advertise your brand and help you get stay ahead of the competition. Get your custom matchbooks from a reputable packaging manufacturer like Emenac Packaging UK as we don’t compromise on the quality and have affordable rates. Order now by contacting us today!