7 Incredible Reasons to Use Die-Cut Packaging Boxes

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  • Posted on : July 21, 2022
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Are you searching for affordable and easy-to-customise packaging options? Or Are you finding lightweight boxes that offer optimum protection to the products? In either case, you need die-cut packaging boxes! 

Throughout this blog, we’ll show you how die-cut boxing can help you improve brand awareness and bring more sales to your business… 

Here is Why You Need to Invest in Die-Cut Packaging Boxes…

Die-cut boxes offer a wide range of customisation options, endless packaging benefits, and affordable shipping. With this packaging option, you can enjoy more benefits as compared to stock packaging boxes. 

Here are the super-amazing qualities of die-cut boxes: 

1. Are Lightweight:

Lightweight cardboards are used for manufacturing die-cut boxes. Apart from that, some part of the cardboard is also removed for inserting one or many windows on the box. This ultimately reduces its weight and also minimizes the shipment costs. 

2. Can Easily Be Customised:

Personalized packaging is what every business owner wants! With die-cut packaging, you can easily customise the size of the packaging boxes as per the product requirements. You can be creative with die-cut packaging, which in turn, can improve your products’ visual appearance. 

3. Can be Assembled Quickly:

Once you’ve received the boxes, your next focus would be assembling them. Certain packaging containers, i.e., big stock boxes demand a lot of hard work and time for putting them together. However, this isn’t the case with die-cut boxes. Even a youngster with no experience in packaging can assemble die-cut boxes with much less frustration. Further, it just takes a few minutes to put one die-cut box together.

4. Build a Positive Brand Image:

You can also get your logos printed on die-cut boxes. With eye-catching shapes and enthralling colours, your die-cut boxes can build a positive image for your customers and win their hearts. 

Apart from that, these packaging boxes also build brand awareness. Customers usually gift products to their friends and also share reviews on the internet. Both of these ways market your brand and deliver your brand’s message from one customer to the next potential client. 

5. Are Inexpensive and Affordable:

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get die-cut packaging boxes. Corrugated or Kraft cardboards are usually used for manufacturing these types of boxes which can be bought in bulk at a low cost. Further, these stylish boxes require less glue, and tape than custom stock boxes, which again saves a lot of money. 

6. Offer Premium Product Protection:

Kraft boxes come in all shapes and designs. 

For candy bars, business owners can get long triangular or circular boxes with a small window installed on top of it. For luxurious dresses, sellers can opt for big die-cut custom card packaging boxes. 

The plus point of customising the packaging as per the shape and size of the product is that they won’t break during shipment because products are tightly enclosed within the die-cut boxes leaving no box space where products could move and get damaged. 

7. Provide an Instant Glimpse of the Product:

With die-cut packaging, you can install windows on the top cover of boxes and bring your products into focus.  Remember, every consumer wants to know what they’re buying. They want to have a look at the product before spending money on it. So instead of spending time enclosing the boxes to display products to each consumer, get die-cut window boxes and display the products once for everyone. 

Winding Up! 

Die-cut boxes can be used for every type of product. But you’ve to be careful while selecting its dimensions and the type of cardboard that is going to be used for its manufacturing. Consider the weight of your products. For heavy items, go for cardboard die-cut boxes, and for lightweight products you can stick with paperboard Kraft boxes. And, if you’re willing to add a glamorous and protective finish to your boxes, get a perfect lamination.