7 Inspiring Examples of Creative Roll Label Designs

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  • Posted on : April 27, 2024
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Ever imagined your brand’s product sold without a label?  Not at all! Packaging isn’t complete until the business puts the labels on products and their packaging boxes. Customers always seek to see the perfect label to get precise information about a product. Whether it offers product information like how to use or notify your brand identity by logo prominence, labeling is crucial.

Roll labels are quite popular in the present age, which not only beat the marketing competition. But more than that match your pocket capacity as well. Let’s dive into this blog post and reveal 7 inspiring examples of creative roll label designs.

The Most Impactful Designs of Roll Labels

Label manufacturers allow businesses to modify their custom paper roll labels according to their brand preferences and customers’ choices. Indeed, endless customisation options give your label a professional yet sophisticated touch to improve your marketing strategies.

1. Vibrant Colour Schemes and Playful Illustration

First you all, your colour selection matters a lot. Yes, colours speak louder than images. When you choose the right colors for your label with exact typography, no matter whether you are adding images or not, its unique charm draws attention. Further, bold and lively colours with playful illustrations not only target aged customers but also children to create a sense of exclusivity and boost the purchasing desire of clients.

Things you need to consider when choosing the colour:

  • Consider the idea behind the colours
  • Make sure your colour resonates with the brand

2. Interactive Shapes, Die-Cut

After selecting the vibrant colour, What’s next?  Well, your sticker shapes also count to set the stage on fire and make your product stand out on the store shelves. You can choose simple sheet labels that are usually placed on jams or water bottles, Nutella, etc. All these labels are simple and traditional labels, that are used by manufacturers and almost all customers are well-known by design.

After all, die-cut labels bring innovations in the realm of packaging labels. These labels are appealing by look and promote minimalist design. Further, they are budget-friendly choices for small and new start-up businesses.

3. Print to Tell the Story

A powerful tool to tell the brand story is by using custom roll labels. Custom printed roll labels let you add any design or pattern, slogan, and logo of the brand to improve brand perception. Businesses can add pictures of landscapes, cultural symbols, and historical references to draw customers in and build an emotional connection with consumers. For instance, if you want to use roll labels on beverage bottles, you have plenty of possibilities to tell the brand story.

  • Fruit images or just colour (for juices)
  • Farm images (for dairy products)
  • Brewery craft (for wine bottles)

4. Incorporate Clutch Texture

The texture of the labels can elevate the overall appeal and add a touch of elegance. Bold colours, typography, and image are not enough! Labels need a smooth yet classic texture on the surface to create a professional vibe. The flawless coating options available for labels are;

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Foil stamping

All the above coating options play a crucial role in providing a unique texture to your label and grabbing attention with a single touch. Moreover, spot UV, silver, and gold foiling, soft touch lamination, and special inks also can be used to enhance the tactile appeal of the label.

5. Minimalist Elegance and Bold Typography

The smooth texture and extra coating of your label are highlighted just because of bold typography. Clean lines, minimalist design, strategic alignment of images, and optimisation of space create a sense of exclusivity and refine your label design. Brands that offer ready-to-eat food or beverages must use bold and obvious typography. It helps customers to spot your brand product from afar.

Further, your label provides precise information about the product from nutritional values to usage directions, your label serves multiple roles to boost customer trust and make the product accessible for all. 

6. Personalised Elements (Themes)

Well-known brand seeking to build a strong connection with customers. That is why, they offer customizable roll label designs. These designs create a sense of uniqueness in the competitive markets and improve the overall experience of the clients. Personalized printed message on the label or space for a custom message, writable surface increases the chance of customer engagement with the brand and product.

After all, businesses can add diverse themes to increase the overall perception of labels like occasional themes Christmas, New Year, Halloween, etc.

7. Sustainable and Ecological Design

Last yet most important, it is good practice to keep your nature side by side with trends. By increasing the awareness of suitability, many brands switch to ecological material for labels. Paper roll labels are perfect for creating a minimalist design with eco-friendly colours palettes. The natural colours and simple yet attractive label design help to grow the demand for the product due to environmental material that hits the eco-conscious customers. Ultimately, these labels show your brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices.

In a nutshell

Whatever your product is, packaging labels are key to high-end marketing strategy and make your even more brand visible in the competitive markets. Roll labels are the perfect marketing tool, whether you want to place them directly on product or packaging boxes. From the minimalist design to bold colours, typography, professional texture, sustainable material, and other customisation options are key elements to make your labels design noticeable.