8 Innovative Ways to Utilise Custom Boxes with Dividers

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  • Posted on : February 10, 2024
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Want to pack diverse items in a box? Well, it is not impossible, you can use custom boxes with dividers to fulfill your desires. Dividers in custom boxes are vital to protect the items and keep them organised during transit. No doubt, they are true game changers for your brand’s packaging game.  They not only secure the products but increase their presentation as well.  

The best part? The best part is these boxes come in different sizes, shapes, and designs to cater to all your needs. In this post, we are going to share 8 innovative ways to utilise custom boxes with dividers.

What are Dividers and why should you use them?

Dividers are partitions that are usually made of cardboard sheets. They specifically design per box shape and size to provide premium protection to content.  Plus, you should use them to keep items intact, good in shape, and organized. In short, they are the best option for your brand to get protective packaging with style.

Let’s explore the 6 innovative ways to use these wonders.

1. Efficient Management of Small Items

If you are dealing with small items, you must know small items need more attention than big ones. That is why, cardboard box divider inserts are the best option to keep tiny items organised and accessible.  In addition, these boxes are widely preferred to pack jewelry items like stones, earrings, rings, small anklets, etc.

2. Gift Packaging for Memorable Unboxing

Panning for a gift and want something special that elevates the unboxing experience? Well, nothing can beat the power of cardboard boxes with dividers. By default, these boxes come in durable material like (cardboard) which ensures that your product remains intact throughout the shipping process. Moreover, they are appealing by look and dividers give them a classy touch. As a result, they enhance the value of gifts and create a memorable unboxing impact for the recipient.

3. Glassware for Premium Protection

Product protection is a priority of businesses. Right? Thus many businesses choose dividers and inserts to make sure items are delivered securely to customers’ doorsteps. Boxes with dividers offer a wide range of dividers and you can adjust the cells of dividers per product size and dimension of the box. They are a smart choice for glassware packaging to provide the best security.

4. Electronics Accessories

Electronic gadgets and devices come in exceptionally designed and protective packaging, just because of custom boxes with dividers wholesale. First thing, these boxes are cost-effective and budget-friendly packaging solutions. After that, they provide extreme protection to the device and boost their presentation in the markets. For instance, a cell phone company considers the dividers to separate the extra accessories from the phone (chargers, cables, and air pods). Certainly, dividers not only boost the appeal of products but are useful for brands as well.

5. Cosmetics Products

Wondering how can be your beauty products eye-catching and versatile on the store shelves? You are at the right place. Cosmetic boxes with dividers are the best choice to increase product appeal and draw the attention of potential customers. By using dividers or inserts you can pack multiple products in a box. If you want to pack a full package of cosmetic products like an eyeshadow kit, blush kit, lip balm, and tint with brushes you can use custom boxes with 4 to 5 cells per product size.

6. Toys Packaging

In the toy industry, dividers play a dynamic role in not only increasing product appeal but also driving brand sales.  For example, if you are in the Barbie dolls business, you can use card boxes with dividers to pack doll accessories like bags, shoes, outfits, hair brushes, and more.

7. Bakery Products

Grab the attention of mouthwatering visuals of your delicious bakery products. How? Use cardboard boxes with windows and dividers. Windows helps to give a glimpse of products and dividers help to show the variety of products. Let’s suppose, your bakery makes a variety of tempting donuts, you can use dividers to display a variety of donuts in a box like chocolate donuts, cream donuts, strawberry donuts, etc.

8. Food Packaging

The last but most important usage of boxes with dividers is in food packaging. Well-known restaurants use custom boxes with dividers for food to separate the items and prevent mixing flavors with others. Chocolate-covered strawberries, dry fruits, grains, seeds, and fast food are the most common products that come in these boxes.

Final Words

Many industries use custom boxes with dividers to ensure the product’s protection and enhance the overall appeal. From small accessories to gifts, electronics, toys, glassware, and food products packaging they play dynamic roles to draw attention. Further, bakery owners also demand dividers to display their variety of products and draw attention.