8 Insightful Packaging Stats You Should Know for 2024

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  • Posted on : April 13, 2024
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Have you ever experienced a memorable product that you want to purchase again because of its packaging? What’s the reason that urges you to purchase again and make it noticeable and memorable? Absolutely the “wow” factor in packaging. Whether you agree or not, the first interaction that customer develops with your product is through your packaging.

Your brand packaging is all about quality, brand story, and recognition. According to Forbes, 60 to 80% of customers do not want to purchase the product again if they are not impressed by the packaging, so all in all, the wow factor is crucial to making your brand stand out.

So, let’s take a look at 8 surprising stats on what customers think about packaging!

1. 50% of customers are ready to pay for more sustainable packaging!

With time, sustainable packaging is increasing day by day not only to promote sustainability but also aware customers of the adverse effects of unsustainable packaging. Customers of different developing economies try to make purchases from those brands that promote sustainable packaging practices.

More than 40% of US customers want to pay more for sustainable packaging rather than plain or simple packaging. So, it’s one of the best ways to impress eco-conscious customers and increase brand sales to a greater extent.

2. 61% of customers want to make a luxury product’s repeat purchase if it comes in premium packaging!

Customers usually want luxury products to be packed in premium and quality packaging and according to dotcom distribution, customers want to make repeat purchases of luxury products if they come in premium packaging. For example, if you are selling jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, and other luxury products, branding and quality matter a lot.

Customers usually purchase luxury products even at higher prices if the packaging quality is good and appealing. Also, premium and beautiful packaging justifies your customers that they made the right purchase and urges them to buy from your brand shortly too.

3. 69% of global customers consider compostable and plant-based packaging the most sustainable!

When we talk about sustainable packaging, different packaging materials can be used like compostable, paper, and plant-based material. In different countries like the U.S.A. and the UK, compostable and plant-based packaging is considerable when we talk about sustainable packaging.

Meanwhile, Japanese customers find plastics made from recycled content to be equally sustainable as compostable and plant-based packaging. Likewise, other countries like India and the UK also find paper packaging highly sustainable.

4. 85% of customers claim that colour is the main thing that urges them to buy any product!

Packaging colour is one of the main factors that capture customer’s attention at first glance. According to Catalpha, nearly more than 80% of customers are urged to buy your product if your packaging colour combination is subtle and unique.

Every colour leaves a special impact on people black represents elegance, white represents purity, and red shows emotions and power. So, in this way, you have to use the right colour for your packaging so you can urge your target audience easily with the help of unique and attractive packaging colours.

5. 8 of 10 customers accept that packaging design influences their gift-buying decisions!

Gifts are luxury items that must be wrapped in unique, astonishing, and eye-catching packaging. Customers usually want to buy those products that come in appealing and trendy packaging. That’s why, every 8 of 10 customers agree that packaging designs influence their gift-buying decisions.

So, you should make your brand’s gift packaging in a way that your target audience can easily purchase from you rather than others. In the end, uniqueness, creativity, and the latest designs win the competition.

6. More than 70% of customers show that product labeling transparency made them trust on brand!

It’s crucial to earn customers’ trust by conveying the right product information. This factor plays an important role in making your brand loyal in the eyes of customers by printing the right product labels on the packaging.

According to Catalpha, 74% of customers reveal that product honesty and transparency help them to make trust in the brand. Customers usually want to make purchases from those brands where they think loyalty, honesty, and transparency on their peak.

7. 40% of customers will share their unboxing experience on social media if the product packaging is unique or branded!

In today’s digital era, people usually want to share their unboxing experience on social media and it happens mostly when they find product packaging unique or branded. According to Catalpha, 40% of customers range within this case.

Sometimes, when you are using social media you find some people share their experiences as they buy products from XYZ brand and they receive their product in unique packaging boxes, so that’s the case when people share unboxing experience.

8. 55% of people who watch unboxing videos claim the video convinced them to purchase the product!

Nowadays, everyone uses social media so in this way 55% of the people who watch unboxing videos on their feed, have higher chances that they purchase that product by only seeing the video. So one thing you need to remember is that bad packaging would not go unnoticed, but great packaging on the contrary enhances the overall unboxing experience.

Final Words!

In the ever-evolving latest market trends, you must have an idea of what customers think about packaging. Also, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest packaging statistics so you can design your packaging accordingly. We at Emenac Packaging UK help businesses create impactful first impressions through custom packaging and branding. If you want custom-printed boxes for the packaging of different products, don’t hesitate to contact us now at Emenac Packaging UK.