A Guide to Customising Eye-Catching Custom Rigid Boxes

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  • Posted on : March 16, 2023
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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It is a common saying that picture speaks louder than words. Same goes for product’s packaging. If you are selling retail or luxury ecommerce products, you must use creative, attractive and one of a kind custom packaging boxes for your products.

Custom rigid packaging boxes could be the best choice to make for luxury items. Customers always judge the products through their packaging. You have to make your boxes better than your competitor if you want to make your product win more customers.  We’ve created a short and informative guide for you on designing and customising the perfect custom rigid boxes.

1. Rigid Material Can Go a Long Way:

The first and foremost thing you need to do is select the right rigid boxes for your luxury products. The size must be according to the exact measurement of the products. Perfectly fit packaging gives a great impression to the customers and they feel you care so much. Inserts also increase the security of your luxury products. The graphics should also enhance the charisma of the products and attracts more customers for massive sales.

2. Consider Multiple Customisation Options:

For your rigid boxes, you can consider multiple customisation options, to give a luxury look to your products. let’s explore some awesome customisation options.

3. Use Soft-Touch Coating:

Once you’ve done with the right style, size, and design of the packaging boxes, your next step should be how to dress up your rigid boxes that will allure more customers. When you are selling a luxury product you should make it simple. The fascinating look of the rigid box with a perfect brand logo on a solid colour is an amazing combination that gives a luxury touch.

Nowadays, the famous option for customising rigid boxes is soft-touch coating. Velvety texture gives your custom rigid packaging boxes a premium look. Moreover, an upscale finish also enhances the durability and reliability of custom rigid boxes. This soft-touch coating makes your packaging waterproof.

4. Spot Gloss UV Is a Perfect Finish:

If you want to give your luxury rigid packaging an adorable look, spot gloss UV is a great option. Spot Gloss UV pop up the area that you want to make prominent. Simple cardboard boxing might be covered completely with UV to give it a shining and bright appeal but it is not suitable for the luxury rigid boxes. The high-end rigid boxes should be coated with a satin or matte film lam and spot UV provides a gentle contrast. This eye-catching pop of gloss adds perfection to the overall design of luxurious rigid boxes and appeals to more consumers.

5. Embossing And Foils:

To allure more potential customers, embossing and foils are great finishing elements. Foil stamping is similar to the Spot UV that gives a mesmerizing visual contrast to your custom rigid packaging boxes. Embossing also enhances the appearance of rigid boxes. Most of the time brand logo is foiled and embossed so that it can be easily recognized by the customers.

Many other options for embossing give your packaging an upscale feel. It includes a deboss, a flat emboss, and a sculpted emboss (3D look). The best packaging supplier will help you in choosing the right option that will help in building your business.


While designing your custom rigid boxes, you must keep in mind that the design must portray the brand’s image and message. To have top-notch custom rigid packaging that gets a quick recognition of the brand, you must hire a great packaging manufacturing company with professional experts.