An Underrated Guide to A Successful Custom Subscription Box Packaging

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  • Posted on : March 19, 2022
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Don’t we all get excited about gifts that we receive on special occasions?

Subscription boxes are a wonderful way to give a dear one or even oneself a gift, without having to wait for a special occasion. With a specific delivery date, such as after a month or three months, customers are more motivated to participate and order. Subscription boxes usually consist of a monthly theme and products that correspond to that topic.

It is critical to provide a pleasant experience for your customers. The quality of the deluxe products inside the box should be reflected in the product packaging. If the packaging is fiddled with, it will convey the impression that the product inside isn’t worth the money, causing the subscription to be cancelled.

Brands are now opting for custom packaging for their subscription boxes to delight customers. Custom packaging suppliers provide firms with superior quality boxes with a decreased risk of faults thanks to low-cost bulk orders and meticulous attention to detail. If you’re a new or existing business owner, spicing things up with custom box packaging can be a great way to attract new and existing clients.

Many questions may arise in your thoughts, such as how to handle and organise your affairs. How can you create eye-catching designs that are also high-quality? How do you deal with massive orders?

Don’t worry, we’ve summarised everything about it!

Here’s a comprehensive guide that may seem underrated but will propel your company to new heights:

1. Selecting The Right Box Style:

A company must choose the correct box style to represent its brand and protect its goods. The appearance of your box is the first thing that catches the eye of the observer, and if it is extraordinary, your clients will be hooked on your products.

When it comes to subscription boxes, there are a variety of box styles a brand can pick from when employing custom subscription box packaging, but one that fits well with this notion is the usage of custom mailer boxes. These boxes are rigid and formed of corrugated material, which gives them a durable and protective finish. Due to the ease with which these boxes may be customised, brands can choose security above aesthetics.

A personalised rigid box is another vital technique to send in your subscription boxes. If your product is fragile and prone to damage during transportation, you should use specialised rigid packaging. These boxes include a 2-piece cover with a sturdy base, giving them a high-end look while also providing more protection.

2. Use Trendy Colours:

It is common knowledge that subscription boxes are frequently themed. If the box is designed for spring, it will feature bright flowery patterns and colours to give it a fresh appeal.

It’s critical to select colours that complement your brand and products, which you may do with the help of personalised subscription boxes. Every year, Pantone selects a popular colour of the year. Brands can draw inspiration from there and provide colour schemes and design instructions to their bespoke packaging provider. The use of bold and serif typography gives the brand a clean and streamlined aesthetic, which is achieved with custom printed packaging.

Expert design professionals, are employed by custom packaging suppliers such as Emenac Packaging UK, assist companies in selecting the appropriate design for their products and consumer requirements. Their designers meticulously construct patterns that operate as a quiet pitch – attracting customers to your products while conveying your brand’s message.

3. Enhancements for Packaging Boxes:

To add zest to your design and set your subscription boxes different from conventional market products, you can add specialised add-ons and extras to your packaging boxes. Your box will become more unique as additional specifications are added. However, don’t go overboard. Using bespoke packaging boxes, you may choose between different add-ons for each theme.

Handles and custom inserts can help you keep your boxes organised and neat while also giving them a unique appeal. You can also offer free marketing for your brand by embossing a bespoke logo and printing a tagline on the box lid.

Sleeves and labels for packaging are a terrific way to dress up your boxes. These can be used to show product details inside the subscription box, as well as the brand’s name and a description of the theme style.

Greeting cards and discount coupons are a terrific way to show your appreciation for your customers, and they may be produced utilising custom packaging suppliers to give your box a unique and eye-catching look.

4. Bulk Orders for Timely Shipping:

If a company appreciates its consumers’ experiences and goes to great lengths to ensure that they have a positive experience, revenues will skyrocket. During the holiday season, the company may be overburdened with orders, and if the brand does not have sufficient packaging on hand, orders may be cancelled or orders may be compromised, both of which degrade the customer’s experience with your brand.

While acquiring boxes in bulk from companies may appear to be pricey, this is not the case when obtaining custom box packaging. When popular themed subscription boxes are ordered in bulk, the risks of problems and order cancellations are reduced. Because subscription boxes are pre-planned, a themed pre-order is a terrific method to boost sales at a low and affordable cost while using sustainable materials.

5. Optimisation of Packaging Box Sizes:

It’s critical to determine the proper dimensions for your subscription boxes after choosing packaging box styles and designs. The size of the packaging box is determined by the number of contents and the size of the product. It must be ensured that the product is not clogged or floating within the packing.

The appropriate packaging is a perfect fit, and you can have it with custom packaging subscription boxes that are manufactured precisely according to your specifications. These boxes, which are built of solid and hard materials, protect and secure the product.

Emenac Packaging UK can now provide your company with a free quote for your packaging needs, and you can pick your price based on your requirements to get started with your packaging endeavours.