Top 10 Facts About Custom Paper Bags, Why They Gaining Popularity?

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  • Posted on : January 27, 2024
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Say goodbye to dull and boring shopping experiences! Custom paper bags have revolutionise the latest packaging trends. In this article, we bring you the top 10 facts about custom paper bags and explore the reasons behind their rising popularity. From their eco-friendly nature to their ability to enhance brand recognition, read the whole blog as we are going to guide you about the gaining popularity of customised paper bags.

Have a look at the top 10 facts about Custom paper bags

1. Cheap Price and Suits All-Size Businesses

First and foremost, the fact of paper bags is available at low rates as compared to other packaging stuff. What’s next? custom paper bags wholesale are suitable for all sizes of businesses.  no matter, if you have a small retail shop or a big packaging business, the cost is affordable to all.

After all, you can say that the cheap price of these bags is the secret sauce for gaining their popularity and high demand.

2. Lightweight, Foldable, And Portable

Ease and comfort always come first. Right? That is why, brands love to use custom paper bags with handles for their packaging wants. Certainly, it is a smart move to win customer loyalty and hearts by offering them a super flexible and lightweight packaging solution.

Moreover, the excellent folding and space-friendly features keep you stress-free and make them handy choices for multiple packaging options on the go.

3. Incredible Customisation Opportunity

Paper bags offer incredible customisation options. Yes, you can redesign them per your brand specifications. Innovative designs and numerous sizes, shapes, and styles make them the first choice of brands. These bags don’t follow the one-size-fits-all rule, there is a bag for every item.

So, whether you need a small bag for mini accessories or a large one for groceries, nothing else can be a better option than paper bags.

4. Personalise Paper Bags for Occasional Themes

Paper bags are gaining fame because of their friendly nature. They are suitable for any product and personalized liberty set the stage on fire. Well-known brands personalize them at their product launch with a brand logo and a bulbous product name.

On the other hand, cosmetics brands, food industries, or bakeries also personalize them with different text or images to celebrate special occasions like New Year and Christmas.

5. Use as A Promotional or Advertisement Prop

Take a break in your brand’s promotional efforts, and let them work custom printed paper bags.  Use paper shopping bags for all types of advertisement or marketing. Whether you want to drive sales to create a buzz in the shopping season to grab attention using these bags is a dynamic system. 

Plus, different style bags with brand logos or slogans promote your brand and spread word of mouth.  Ultimately, your brand perception, product, and packaging value boost.

6. Complete Your Commitment to Natural Packaging Stuff

Paper bags are made from natural material which is called “Kart” In this way, brands can able to fulfill your commitment to natural and harm-free packaging stuff.  Yet, some eco-conscious admire them and like to spread awareness about sustainable packaging brands.

7. Recyclable and Reusable

Beyond cost-efficient packaging solutions, paper bags are recyclable and reusable for a certain time span. It is one of the main factors of paper bags, that can be reused through a recycling system.  Moreover, due to eco-friendly material, these bags help to remove carbon impacts from the planet.

8. Print Logos, Images, Or Product Info with Great Quality

Custom bags allow exceptional printing techniques. Yes, you can print custom paper bags with logos, informational text, product descriptions, or images to excite the packaging brands.

These bags offer different techniques digital and offset, that give brand choose and pick opportunities.

9. Strong and Sturdy to Keep the Product Intact

These bags are super strong and sturdy to keep your product intact. Remember, these bags are lightweight but durable and justify the product protection throughout the shipping process.

10. Unsung Features of Custom Paper Bags

There are many features of paper bags such as;

  • Protective dust flaps:  These flaps help close the bags and protect products from dust
  • Fast turnaround: Due to their lightweight these bags are ideal for fast turnaround
  • Double-side printing: Custom bags allow double-side printing opportunities. So, you can print logos, product details, and images per desire.
  • Durable and Eco-friendly construction:  Paper bags are sturdy and durable but due to eco-friendly construction, they are reusable or recyclable.

Final Ideas

Undoubtedly, custom paper bags gaining popularity because of several reasons. Lightweight, portability, and flexibility of design, shape, size, and style set them apart and make the brand’s first choice. Additionally, they are ideal for brand promotion with logos or images, you can personalise them. Also, affordable rates and Eco-friendly materials encourage packaging brands.