Best Halloween Designs to print on Custom Printed Boxes

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  • Posted on : October 10, 2022
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Halloween is a great time of the year when we not only have fun in our life but also make everything exciting around us.

During Halloween, almost everything that is appearing in front of us is designed in a spooky style to celebrate the holiday.

Every product that we pick is covered in black and orange colours to represent Halloween. Now you want to make your packaging look good, especially on the occasion of Halloween and make it better to appeal to your customers.

Almost all packaging boxes design will have scary images printed on them but not all of the boxes type are good for placing your Halloween-style art.

There are some custom packaging design boxes on which your spooky art will look perfect and your customers will have a long stare at them.

Read below, we have shared the best boxes types that will make your Halloween artwork look perfect:

1. Two-Piece Box:

Two-piece boxes as the name suggests are divided into two pieces of compartments between which our product is placed. These types of boxes are highly used for presenting luxury items, sweets and product kits because of their capacity to hold the items in their place.

Moreover, here we are talking about Halloween artwork presentation, so two-piece boxes are a great way to showcase your spooky designs on the boxes.

Two-piece boxes are flat in shape and have more surface area on the front and back of them to present the look of the design. The Halloween art will be evenly presented on the lid and the back of the two-piece boxes.

Your Halloween scary designs will look perfect like a painting, on the two-piece boxes.

2. Gable Box:

Gable boxes have an interesting shape and style to carry around. These are flat from the base and have four walls straight joining the bottom and the cardboard is joined diagonally on the top with a carrier to hold the box.

These types of boxes are very appealing and are the easiest and safest way to carry the product anywhere.

Gable boxes have a lot of flat space on them that can make your Halloween artwork pop from afar. Their four straight sides are best to showcase your Halloween designs. Even the top which is diagonal in shape also is great for artwork.

Gable boxes have a fair amount of space on them and your scary design work will easily look good on them.

3. Square Box:

These are the most common type of boxes that are used for custom packaging products.

Square boxes are available in custom sizes but have an equal side area from all sides. Your Halloween artwork is easily displayed on all four sides of the custom-packaged box.

You might have to make custom artwork or figures and a square box will present the designs very decently on all sides and will make the product and its custom packaging cute.

4. Pillow Box:

Pillow boxes are the perfect choice to present your selected Halloween designs and images.

These boxes are in pillow shape and longitudinally have space on the front and backside of the box. These are the only most easily visible sides on the boxes and are great to showcase your product’s custom packaging and spooky designs.

The folded and curved part of the pillow box is not suitable for design however if you have little designs then they can be put there otherwise leave that part coloured black and orange.

5. Slider Box:

Easily recognisable from the name, slider boxes have a sliding style.

Slider boxes just like two-piece boxes have more than enough space for printing your artwork. They only differ from each other based on their opening and closing styles. Two-piece boxes are opened through a lid and slider boxes are opened with a sliding effect.

Slider boxes also have a flat surface on their front and backside, plus it also has some good vertical space on the sides. All of your artwork and design elements can be easily printed on the front and back sides and you can also give additional embellishment on the vertical sides as well.


Custom packaging boxes are a great way to present your designs along with selling your product. All the box types are all made custom and their customised packaging designs are most well suited to showcase your Halloween artworks and imageries. The boxes mentioned above have a better layout and interface that will make your packaging design elements of Halloween pop out and will attract customers instantly.