Custom Packaging: Authentic way to establish Product Identification

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  • Posted on : October 18, 2019
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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If you want your brand to succeed well in the global retail market, then it is compulsory for you to have proper and strong product identification of products. Since there is a chance of success and failure of the product relies on such aspects. Custom packaging boxes are utilised by several industries in the global market, that is why most have their own unique appeal and look than the other competitors. Here are some important points that you need to consider while selecting the right custom packaging boxes for your products: The selection of the right colour, print design, material and overall packaging texture. What else you need to consider, continue reading here…

Custom packaging boxes matter the most for identification of a product:

Observing the global index market, 78 percent of consumers are loyal to brand as long it remains visually appealing to them and 48 percent who experience better on their first time tend to repurchase them over and over. So visually if the packaging stands out among the rest.

Customers care about their interactions with a particular brand any company. A pleasant experience can imprint a positive impression and they display a habit of coming back to those brands again. By analysing the behavioural pattern consumers choosing brands from the market and how many have bought it, here custom packaging has played the role of being the key feature of brand identification.

As every element of the packaging from logo, to fonts and creative visualisation with relevant information arranged efficiently helps in your product standing out from the competitors.

How does Custom Packaging fits?

If you have a product with packaging that does not appear presentable or appears to be generic in the customer eyes than you need to innovate more. As seen in various studies the more unusual the package designs the more the customer tends to check that product. It is also keen to understand aside from appearance there should also be standard in regards to materials and quality used for manufacturing it. Custom packaging does contribute toward these key features, the successful the product is the more awareness of the brand and the identity rises, which in turn leads to profits.

Interestingly 52% of customers online share the opinion that they will shop for a brand again if there are premium packaging available.

Custom packaging can come of use due to facilitating the options of making your products into strong brands.