Die-Cut Custom Packaging Boxes: Perfection In Design And Durability

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  • Posted on : November 2, 2019
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
  • Category : Blog

There are several packaging box styles each with their own pro’s and cons. Die-Cut Boxes are widely preferred by consumers as they are designed to easily fit the product. They are designed using plain sheets of packaging paper either corrugated cardboard or Kraft paper. They are sliced using a die press and those pieces are then used in manufacturing of the boxes. They can be designed in various shapes and sizes.

Mostly used for products like pizza, soap, premium apparel, jewellery, wristwatches etc.

They also used as gift boxes at various events as they appear in visually charming in design and saves the cost of buying wrap paper. Their unique design allows features like re-usability, so let’s check out some feats that the die-cut boxes can offer.

  1. Cost Cutting Delivery:

Due to their flexible design, they save cost in shipping as compared to other types. Less packaging materials are used for items that are fragile/delicate merchandise.

When products are shipped via cargo, any extra area occupied is waste of money. Die-cut boxes helps reducing the cost of travel by occupying less space. The extra money saved can be utilised for other purposes.

  1. Product Security:

Die-cut boxes in comparison Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) or any other packaging box has an extra padding that becomes a double panel wall when product is sealed. Many custom packaging boxes are designed to ensure products have additional protection for the products. Die-cut boxes design allows it to be compact and secure &, it enhances the public impression strongly among the consumer base.

  1. Increased Prospects in the Marketplace:

Custom die-cut boxes makes your products stand out among the other competitors. Company’s logo along with marketing slogans that highlight your product’s prominence. A memorable and effective design adds value to your product even more as they are imprinted in there consumers mind, for example, imperial leather soap has been around 1938 and it is still recognised all over the world due to its signature packaging. Die-cut custom boxes boost the prospects in the consumer marketplace and profits are bound to be there.

  1. Environmental Friendly Packaging:

Custom Paper Packaging is made of recyclable items and it is recommended that you choose Eco-friendly materials for your custom packaging boxes. Not only environmental impact reduces your company’s reputation and prospect increases. Several consumers are opting to buy packaging that is reduced, reused and recycled. You can decorate them in your house using smaller boxes for candles, storing off-season clothes in separate boxes or building makeshift die-cut garden box for homegrown plants.

In terms of security and cost-cutting, die-cut boxes and, their re-usability and compactness makes them an amazing choice. If you are interested enough to purchase the custom packaging box style then you can find the high-quality work here at Emenac Packaging UK.