DIY Packaging Ideas for Custom Skin Care Products

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  • Posted on : October 7, 2020
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
  • Category : Blog

Searching and manufacturing of useful and quality packaging for skincare products to generate sales could be intimidating, especially if you own a startup business or you have budget restrictions. In such situations, DIY packaging can be a great fit for your skincare products. The foremost concern of the DIY custom skincare packaging is to offer a pleasant customer experience. With determination and innovation, you can offer an enjoyable unboxing experience to the consumers.

You can ensure the repetitive purchase of the users by offering enticing custom skincare packaging boxes. Here we have highlighted some of the unique DIY packaging ideas to add the “WOW factor” to your skin care product line.

  • Wooden Frames covered with Transparent Sheets:
    You can make your own wooden frames having the covered top with transparent sheets. This kind of DIY packaging is used for the products that feature detailed designs and are worthy to showcase. This custom skincare packaging is highly suitable for premium skincare products.
  • Custom Stamped Muslin Bags:
    Muslin bags are an excellent packaging choice for small skincare products like beauty care soap bars. You can also use them as package favours for promotional events and giveaways. Just put a custom stamp on the muslin bags and here they are perfectly ready for custom skincare packaging. Muslin bags have minimal impact on the environment and very light-weight. You can make your own DIY muslin bags by following guides or tutorials.
  • Glittered Boxes:
    Make tedious and boring custom skincare packaging boxes dazzling and gleaming with glitters. This is one of the cheapest and easily accessible DIY packaging ideas. You just need a box and glitter. You can use DIY glitter boxes to tuck funky looking skincare products inside them. You may add a thank you note to make them more chick.
  • Floral patterns and Gold Gilded Boxes:
    Printing floral patterns or simply gold gilding the boxes is another unique way to showcase your artistic nature. You can take design help from various websites but it is recommended to create your own unique designs and then reproduce them.
  • Custom Printed Pillow Boxes:
    Pillow boxes are the most distinctive custom made skincare packaging styles. They are very popular because of their eccentric shape. They are widely used for skincare promotional events, souvenirs, and gifts. It is totally up to you whether you want to customise them on your own or if you want to take help from DIY and crafting websites.
  • Custom Tagged Burlaps:
    Burlaps add a rustic feel to your custom made skincare packaging. They come with a wealth of benefits like Eco-friendliness, re usability, and easy-to-customise, etc. This is a highly inexpensive way to showcase your skincare products in style. Colourful jute strings or intricate laces can complement your burlaps.  

To become a successful business owner or entrepreneur, you have to make certain that your products and their packaging are catering to the exact requirements of the user. Do not exaggerate anything, just address the pinpoints of the target customers without opting for fraudulent ways.