Egg-citing Easter Packaging: Top 5 Themes to Try

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  • Posted on : April 6, 2023
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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This is the time to get creative with your product’s packaging as Easter is around the corner! Easter is considered the second most popular holiday season across the globe. On this day many brands customise new Easter packaging designs and create amazing products to attract more customers. 

But how do you bring creativity to your product’s packaging with egg-citing themes? Well, there are plenty of packaging designs that can be used to make your products more unique and creative. 

Here we’ve come up with some creative egg-citing Easter packaging themes. 

1. Luxury Easter Egg Packaging Theme:

 Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with the ideal gift. The luxury egg contains 71% of dark chocolate with a drop of sea salt and is also filled with famous sea salt caramel truffles.

The luxury Easter egg packaging theme is a unique and stylish way to present your products. The magenta, turquoise, and gold swirls give a premium and luxurious look to your custom Easter egg boxes. You can also use the gilded foil wrapping with a matching turquoise bow. The branding of these custom Easter boxes is royal and suitable instead of being extravagant with bright colours. 

2. Pop-up stickers Boxes Theme:

The pop-up stickers on custom egg-citing boxes reflect the amount of happiness and celebration of Easter. These pop-up stickers are specifically used to fascinate kids and teens to bring a smile to their faces. There are differently designed boxes are used in egg-citing packaging such as cutout smiles, die-cut boxes, and window boxes. In addition, there are different colour combinations can be used to make the box more attractive and unique. You can also make pictures of animals, and food items to attract the kids. Pop-up sticker boxes are the best gift for kids to celebrate Easter. 

3. Egg Chocolate Cartons Theme:

Egg chocolate carton themes allow you to decorate six egg-shaped chocolates to look as though they are sitting in the carton. You can make the base of custom egg chocolate carton boxes with crunchy, biscuit, creamy meringue, and chocolate to enhance the taste of egg-shaped chocolates. These boxes are mostly used to pack special gifts for loved ones to celebrate Easter. This year many people are experimenting to pack chocolate in different types of packaging boxes instead of following the traditional ones

4. Nested Easter Eggs:

The nested Easter egg packaging follows the well-known aesthetic theme and functionality. This packaging is used to sell egg-shaped chocolate to celebrate the Easter holiday. The chocolate must be packed in an attractive and recognisable design which assures the safety, and packaging of the product. 

You can also use stunning and beautifully shaped plastic packaging boxes to pack these types of chocolates. The procedure of making nested egg packaging boxes is very simple. You can also use padding in these boxes to keep the egg upright and safe. The shredded Kraft paper helps you to create a twig-like delicious item. 

5. Bunny Egg Boxes:

These stunning bunny egg boxes bring charm and attraction in the season of Easter. These boxes are widely used to pack mini egg-shaped chocolates and absolute favourite sweets across North America. You can also give a festive presentation to these bunny egg boxes with the help of animal-imitating wrappings. In addition, you can use a delightful yellow colour to make these bunny boxes a little bit more gorgeous and a framed window to have a view of the candies inside the box. 

Ending Note

There are many ways to make your custom Easter packaging boxes more appealing, and unique with stylish themes and ideas. Emenac Packaging UK has a large number of custom packaging Easter themes and ideas dedicated to helping you with what you are looking for.