Essential Key Components of Child-Resistant Box Packaging

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  • Posted on : May 4, 2023
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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According to recent research, every 12 days a child dies because of taking harmful medicines or drug pills. World Health Organization (WHO) is making sure that every company that is selling medicine or harmful drugs must use child-resistant packaging.

Unsafe products like Cannabis, marijuana, poison, and drug pills, which resemble candies and other attractive edibles for children, must be in safe, proper, and appropriate custom packaging boxes to keep them out of the children’s reach.

Child-resistant packaging is very important for the safety of our children. To make a safe and unreachable product for children, we must understand some important key components, that must be taken into consideration while assembling your CR packaging. Let’s explore these CR packaging components in detail.

1. Opening Mechanism of the CR Packaging:

Nowadays, everybody is aware of what child-resistant packaging looks like and what its purpose is. While assembling the CR box packaging, the packaging should be designed in a way that prevents the child from opening it. The opening patterns of the custom packaging must be tricky and only adults can open it by reading the opening instructions from the CR packaging. Most commonly used CR packaging patterns are counterclockwise and twist patterns that avoid children (under the age of five) from opening them.  

2. Messaging and Warning Labels on the CR Packaging:

The right information, warning messages, and signs must be printed on the packaging. For emerging cannabis products and medicines, strict rules should be followed regarding printing details. Packaging must contain information including dosages, THC levels, and ingredients used in the products, depending upon the state of the cannabis products and other medicines. These relevant warning labels printed on the packaging allow the adults to understand the hazards and take every precautionary measure to protect themselves as well as their children from any harm.

3. Testing the CR Packaging:

To check the reliability of child-resistant packaging box, US states guidelines says that CR packaging must go through a testing process in an independent lab, despite of whether the fact that packaging passes or fail the test. For this purpose, an experiment is conducted in the lab where five-year-old children are provided the CR packaging boxes and allowed to open them in ten minutes. CR packaging passes the result if the majority of the children find difficulty in opening the box. However, adults can easily open the CR box by following the instructions in no time.

4. The Opacity of CR Packaging:

In some states of the US, monitoring bodies strictly follow the rules and guidelines that Cr packaging should be opaque so that it cannot be visible from the packaging. A normal observer or child cannot see the product through the CR packaging boxes and avoid the children getting attraction to the dangerous pills or products.

Final Words:

Your products must meet the rules and guidelines for the child-resistance packaging boxes that are imposed by the regulatory bodies before it placed on the shelves. Make sure your packaging provider must know in detail all the rules and regulations of CR packaging.