How Can You Create a Trendy Look with Custom Pillow Boxes

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  • Posted on : November 16, 2019
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Custom pillow boxes are designed to resemble an actual pillow. As you get a fun and relaxing experience, the appeal of the packaging boxes is both elegant and professional.  Surprisingly, though it is actually easy to assemble and handle.

Pillow boxes are suitable for packing products such as soap, cosmetics and other small goods, including a diverse range of other industrial products. These are useful as gift boxes because these suit the mood of the occasion with their style and appeal.

Let’s look at some of the choices that can help you pick your business ‘ best custom pillow box.

  1. Choosing the Packaging Material for Pillow Boxes:

Customer always decide the type of material required for their pillow boxes. Usually, cardboard and Kraft are used for their manufacturing. They are strong enough to protect the product from outside and inside the packaging. From various items like food, premium apparel etc. are the best match with this custom box style. Not only it gives a trendy look but it also allows more accommodation and requires less space for placing the product inside it. Lastly, they make fine retail option for shopkeepers due to their shape.

  1. What kind of Customisation You want?

Custom pillow packaging boxes designed to be both creative and brilliant design but with use of perfect customisation, more value can be added to your product. Several brands have been established by the corporate sector who have built their successive brand reputation through customisation of the packaging. Recent trends in the packaging industry have shown that most of the pillow packaging boxes are used for soap and cosmetic products. So, there are a lot of things you can use for your package customisation from having a window included with or without lamination to applying the right packaging finishing option.

  1. Perfect for Special Events and Occasions:

Being the great choice for presents(gifts), Pillow Boxes can fit the occasion. The trend of distributing pillow boxes filled with chocolates and sweet confectioneries were a custom, particularly in the wedding.

Its sleek shape and design makes it an exotic and amazing look. They are further decorated with greeting cards, ribbons, flowers and other flourished can be installed on it.

  1. Use in Cosmetic Industry:

Pillow Boxes can often be used in the cosmetic industry since the fit tone of promoting beauty and slight look fits the part.  Most successful brands are using this packaging style, apart from its wholesale production. The pillow boxes are often used for items like beauty cream, mascara, hair extensions and others.

  1. Best use in Food & Medicine Packaging:

How does this custom packaging box help your food or medicine business? Imagine you have business for premium chocolate like Ferrero Rocher and your product is in a pillow box. Not only with will your product look diverse but also has an identity of its own. The use of aluminium coated layer helps in the preservation of the items. You can also use this for dry fruits, candies, and wafers etc. Now as pharmaceuticals goes the packaging can help you differentiate your medicine from the others. Different variations like hanging pillow boxes, windowed or walled can be used to draw interest.

With all of the advantages of pillow box packaging, choosing this kind of packaging for the merchandise may be a practical move. Whether or not you’re a longtime company or a brand new company delivery a brand-new product to promote, make certain to imply pillow box packaging into your selling set up for vast success.