How to Create Eye-Catching POP Displays

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  • Posted on : May 6, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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The overwhelming number of brands and products displayed in the stores can send customers in a frenzy of uncertainty about which products they should buy. In this pool of choices, it can be difficult for products to break through and make it into the shopping carts. However, a fitting option that works best for breaking through the crowds is the point of purchase displays (POP). These displays must be able to showcase your products attractively and bring customers a step closer to knowing your brand.

If used the right way, POP displays can be a good tool in flourishing customer curiosity about your products and brand. Our suggestions for designing your POP display are:

Noticeable POP Display for Brand Awareness:

Every POP display is designed to sketch a permanent image of your brand in your customers’ memories. It should be able to make your brand the face of the product line that you sell. Simply, ask yourself the following questions as you design your POP displays:

Is Your Brand Logo Visible?

The whole point of POP displays is to make sure your brand gets the spotlight that can boost your sales. In a market or store that is filled with hundreds of other similar products, the visibility of your brand matters the most. Use your brand’s logo and colours properly to make the display noticeable and so that audiences are familiarized with your brand.

Have You Used Your Branding Colours?

Colours play an important part in drawing the customers’ attention and their buying choice. A packaging with dull colours cannot be expected to compete with the ones that use popping colours that make products stand out. Branding colours can also help customers easily spot your products among the crowds. Once the audiences have associated colour with your brand, it gets easier to find your products on the shelves.

Are the Products Accessible?

Imagine the customers struggling with your POP display just to reach the products that you have placed inside. Your display becomes a classic example of inconvenient packaging, one that chases customers away effortlessly.

Have You Made Your Product Type Clear?

Most brands design impressive POP displays but still fail to create the intended hype around their products. This is a clear cause of vague advertising. When the customers do not know what is inside a packaging, they tend to look for answers on the display/packaging, however, if the information is unavailable even on the display, you have failed to draw the customer’s attention.

Is it Easy to Assemble?

When your display box or container is easy to assemble, it becomes an instant favourite among store staff. Make sure to include clear and comprehensible instruction for easy assembly of your POP displays.

Is the Display Reusable?

Since you are creating a noticeable brand image, it would have a great impression on the customers if your brand shows care about the environment. Wastefulness is the leading problem in the retail market. To design a POP display that can avoid wastefulness is to give the customers exactly what they ask for. Custom designing your POP displays is the key to competing in the market and creating an outstanding in-store shopping experience. Through custom POP displays, create brand awareness and show the customers what your brand stands for.