How to Hire the Right Custom Packaging Company? 4 Pro-Tips

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  • Posted on : July 9, 2022
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Ever wondered? What could happen to your business if you hire the wrong custom packaging partner? 

Don’t forget… consumers love attractive product packaging. In fact, according to researchers, around 1/3 of the product purchasers admit to buying products just because of their bewitching boxes.

Means? Packaging brands offering poor product boxes would drive your potential customers away! As a result, your company’s sales could witness a significant drop! 

Don’t worry because, with this blog, we’re going to help you find a credible product packaging company.

So, let’s dive in…  

Here Are the Tips for Hiring the Right Custom Packaging Company 

Whether you’re selling women’s attires or beverages, hiring the right custom packaging company can help you make a significant difference! Here is how you can find one: 

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  1. Conduct a Thorough Research 
  2. Go Through the Company’s Testimonials 
  3. Consider their Graphic Designing Skills 
  4. Never Ignore Customer Service!

1. Conduct a Thorough Research:

Start with proper research. 

For this, using Google or any other search browser is highly recommended. The reason is that such search engines filter out mediocre business websites and only rank the best ones on top of the search results.

See? Browsers have got half of your research headaches on them! 

Also, you can post Quora questions, i.e., “which is the best custom packaging company in the UK?” or any other questions that could portray your needs. Once posted, your Quora post would start receiving loads of replies. This way, you would quickly get expert tips and top recommendations regarding custom packaging companies in your area. 

In-person meetings with experts can also help you discover a credible packaging partner. Experts know what’s trending in the market and which company can meet your needs. 

List down all top recommended packaging brands and then visit their websites. Choose the one enriched with appealing web content, detailed services-information, and customer reviews.

2. Go Through the Company’s Testimonials:

Ignore this step, and you’ll land a bad packaging company or a fake one! 

Remember, the company will have many happy customers if your chosen brand is doing well in the market.

And reading testimonials is a great way to discover the brand’s experience and capacity to deliver excellent products or services.   

However, most companies buy good testimonials to blind you from poor services. So, how would you know whether any company’s customer reviews are credible or not? 

Read more than 50% of the testimonials. If you don’t see a single not-so-happy customer review, consider switching the company. Why? Because fake companies usually tend to blindly fill their websites with excellent reviews without considering that big brands like YouTube also have haters! 

Another way is to reach out to their original customers and ask them about the company’s reviews on a call or in-person meeting. Whatever suits you the best!

3. Consider their Graphic Designing Skills:

Graphic designing is the heart the of packaging industry! 

Consumers don’t like colorless packages, and no one gets any purchase motivation from such dry boxes. 

Packages have logos, colors, attractive designs, and so much more printed on them! All these elements collectively help you deliver your brand’s mission and services. 

Custom packaging boxes are not just cardboards but every brand’s representatives.

So, it’s essential to ensure that the company you’ve selected as your packaging partner has a talented team of graphic designers on board. 

You can visit their office and ask detailed questions about their team and designing processes. Plus, make sure to check their samples. 

If their samples are powerful enough to influence you towards making a purchase decision, then you’re good to go!

4. Never Ignore Customer Service!

Imagine you placed an order of 500 custom packaging boxes that cost you plenty of dollars. As the time passed, you contacted the company to track your order, and boom… You didn’t receive any response from the brand! 

Sounds like all your investments would burn down into ashes! 

That was just one situation. You could face many such scenarios where solving problems won’t be possible without customer service.

This is why you need to check whether your chosen company offers optimum customer services or not. Wondering how to check that? 

Here’re a few tips for you:

  • Send them a message via the company’s live chat box and see if they respond immediately. 
  • Compare the brand’s customer services with their competitors.
  • Call the brand at different times to ensure they offer 24/7 customer services. 
  • Email their previous customers and see what they say about your chosen custom packaging company’s customer services. 

All done? 

Now, you’re ready to hire the best packaging company in the UK or wherever else you’re located.  So, get your goals ready and plan your budget to get started.