How to Use Your Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool

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  • Posted on : March 15, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Packaging design matters in many ways; it attracts customers, reflects your brand’s image, and protects your products. However, there is always room for improvement. You can amplify your packaging to make sure it carries out all the targeted tasks more than efficiently. Marketing is one of the many fields in that packaging can play a role. Most businesses consider marketing to be limited to campaigns and advertisements, although your packaging can also be an excellent tool to create recognition among customers. The best reason is that your products are the only marketing tools that reach 100% of your customers.

We are here to explain the methods that can incorporate your marketing strategies with your packaging to create a profitable reputation:

Lure with Valuable Information:

Detailed information about the product can be tyring and less than entertaining to customers; nevertheless, it is their right to be provided with the information. Research by Luminer suggests that 68% of customers, notice stick-out labels and about 56% recognize the company’s logo immediately. This effect is even more practical when customers see labels like “save” or “off”.

Communicate with Customers:

Communicating with customers is more than “just a conversation”; it is critical that you use terminologies that are used by the customers so as to not sound too automated or technical. This helps the customers understand you and your products and increase the odds of their purchase. As you add the item details whether on the packaging, inside booklet inserts, or cards, etc. make sure the content is comprehensible by the customers.

Create a Sharable Experience:

The packaging is the best marketing tool when it comes to the experience that you want to deliver to customers. Consumers that rate your brand either good stars or numbers are most likely to share it with their circles. Even if it is just word of mouth marketing, it will intrigue others to explore what your brand has to offer.

Therefore, your brand must create an experience for its customers through packaging, that makes their shopping experience unforgettable.

Accessible Packaging:

Bad marketing comes from unhappy customer experiences. Often customers have complaints about product packaging. The reasons can be either a packaging that is tough to open or one that uses excessive materials. Customers have become more aware than ever about the market and trends; brands must think of them as customers-gone-professionals. With packaging that is considerate of the desires and limitations of the consumers, it is easy to earn a good reputation.

An Opportunity to Sell More:

When customers get to know your brand through your products, chances are they will like it. This opens an excellent opportunity for advertising more of your products. You can add promotion items into your product packaging along with the products. These can include booklets or small cards and gazettes that contain details about other products as well.

Give the Customers What They Want:

What can you give your customers with your packaging? What are the current demands of customers regarding product packaging? The answers depend on many factors. For instance, if it is the season of Christmas, then customers expect to have packaging that is more in line with the festival. Most customers are demanding brands to reduce their impacts on the environment through their packaging, it is best for your brand to go green to meet customer demands.

Brand marketing can be an effortless feat if every opportunity is seized and used adequately. Your business can either get good or bad marketing from customers based on the packaging you offer and the experience you share with the customers.