How to Safeguard Your Product from Leaks in Liquid Pouch Filling?

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  • Posted on : March 23, 2024
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Flexible pouch packaging is trending nowadays from sports drinks to energy shots to freezer pops. This is the automated process done on high-speed filling lines. For enhanced packaging safety, it’s important to consider the additional risks related to the quality sealing of various types of pouch filling as compared to the packaging pouches of dry powders. If your product’s liquid pouch filling is not properly sealed or leaked from any part, it not only drips unwanted juice or liquids onto other pouches and finished goods but also leaves residue on other finished goods. That’s why we have compiled this guide on how can you safeguard your product from leaks with sturdy liquid pouches. Keep reading.

What is Liquid Pouch Filling?

Liquid packaging is a protective and efficient packaging process through which you can preserve your liquid products like beverages from leaks and contamination. It is all possible when your pouch material is good and sturdy enough to protect your product packaging from leakage issues. Below are the 5 important ways through which you can safeguard your product from leaks in liquid packaging:

1. Transportation:

Be aware of the transportation methods/ routes you are going to use for shipping your liquid products which are packaged in liquid pouches. For example, you need to consider one of the important things is that you need to be aware that pressure on pouches will be magnified which could put additional stress on the seal areas of pouches. Also, you need to find out the reasons why your pouch packaging might explode or even leak. You can investigate these things earlier and need to try different tests and methods so that you can easily get an idea of which transport method and route is better.

2. Film Structure:

You need to ensure that your liquid packaging film structure is not only strong enough for the specified fill weight of the liquid but also sturdy and strong enough to come up with a strong quality seal that cannot let your pouch packaging leak and spill. Some liquids and oils are stubborn and might leak into seal areas, for such type of liquid packaging, you need to use a high quality and thicker sealant layer that doesn’t let your liquid packaging leak from seals. By doing so, you can preserve your liquid product packaging safety to a greater extent.

3. Used Ingredients:

When you go for liquid packaging, you cannot use the same pouch packaging for all the liquids liquid beverage packaging is different from cleaning liquid pouch packaging. You need to review earlier there are no caustic ingredients involved in the liquid that will be pouching that might attack the sealant layer. When your sealant layer gets damaged, there are chances that your product might leak from the liquid pouching seals.

4. Clean Teflon Tape:

Before going for liquid pouch packaging, you need to give your packaging supplier the statement that they should use clean Teflon tape on the sealing jaws. The main purpose of cleaning the Teflon tape earlier is it provide a better redundancy through a textured pattern that fully guarantees that no liquid enters into the seal area which often comes up with leakage and spilling issues. Also, if you didn’t clean your Teflon tape earlier, it occurs residue on the sealing jaws that ultimately threatens the packaging quality standards.

5. Give your Packaging Supplier Proper Instructions:

It’s good to work with your packaging supplier in accordance so that you get the packaging that you would wish for your product. If you don’t discuss it with them, there are chances that your liquid packaging might come up with pouch leakage and spilling issues. Also, you need to discuss the potential costs of product return with the packaging supplier earlier so that both of you don’t come up with any issues. By doing so, you not only save your packaging costs but also receive your pouch packaging with full leakage safety.

Final Words!

For enhanced safety and protection, ensure that your customers receive product packaging without any leakage issues. There are certain risks associated with liquid pouch filling as liquid packaging is prone to leaks if not packaged properly by not considering the proper safety measures. So, you can safeguard your liquid product packaging from leaks by going for the above-mentioned 5 ways. If you want quality liquid pouch packaging for your beverages and other liquid products that is done with utmost protection, professionalism, and safety, Emenac Packaging UK does pouch packaging for your brand.