How to Select the Right Product Packaging for Successful Brand Repositioning?

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  • Posted on : September 30, 2023
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Positioning through brand packaging is not a one-and-done task. If your brand is facing issues like low sales, product delisting, etc., you need to redesign the packaging to refurbish your brand perception in the minds of your customers. Packaging redesign is the defining movement for your brand’s continued success in the market that needs to be carried out with proper planning. 

Let’s find out the right ways to select your product packaging for successful brand repositioning that helps to revitalise your products.  

1. Review the Current Packaging:

You need to be diligent when considering the redesign process and thoroughly analyze the causes that justify taking the repositioning initiative. Start from the customer feedback by conducting a survey that will assist you in determining whether the customers are satisfied with your current packaging design or they are looking for an alternative. 

2. Analyze the Competitive Landscape

It will be great to perform a SWOT analysis of your product packaging with the competitor. Find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by focusing on various brands, their packaging choices, and the way they create a point of difference through the packaging design. It will help your brand to come up with the right packaging design. 

3. Review Competitive Gaps:

When you scrutinize your brand, customer, and competitor, it’s time to focus on repositioning by selecting the right message and design on your custom packaging boxes. It will be great to utilize the gaps between the unmet needs of customers and your competitor’s packaging. For instance, if your customers are looking for packaging with a handle to make it easy to carry, you need to use Custom gable boxes as your product packaging. 

4. Test Position Statement with Customers:

Don’t launch your product packaging directly without testing on your customers. You can deal with the riddle by conducting a controlled experiment by placing your final packaging on the retail shelf along with your competitors. If your customers prefer to pick your product rather than the competitors, it exhibits your packaging is pretty successful in creating a distinct positioning. 

5. Use Multiple Platforms:

Better communication plays an integral role when you are trying to reposition your brand. You can use proactive public relations campaigns and various marketing efforts to engage your customers. On the other hand, reinforce your new positioning by reaching online social media platforms where you must ensure that every conversation resonates with the same message and impression. 


Repositioning your brand through the right packaging becomes necessary when your target audience focuses on your competitor’s product rather than your brand. The process starts with a review of your present packaging that leads to analyzing the competitors’ packaging to point out the gap. You can use the info to create your product packaging and before launching it, you need to test it in any retail store.