How Virtual Reality is changing The Packaging Design Game

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  • Posted on : March 10, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
  • Category : Blog

It wasn’t long ago that the world was introduced to virtual reality tech. Although young and new, the technology has already proven its amazing applications in innumerable industries. From interior designing and gaming studios to the sectors of sports and health, the future keeps bending to the ways of virtual reality. For the packaging industry, like every other one, it has done wonders. Designers and retailers now get to experience their product packaging impacts in augmented reality and have an estimate of their impacts on the customers in the real world.

This article takes a deeper dive into the innovations that the VR tech has brought into the world of packaging:

A Revenue Channel for Designers:

Designs are not only valued in the real world when combined with virtual reality technology, but they can also be a source of income for designers too. Take apps like Vire, for example, this platform allows designers to place their 3D animated designs onto the shelves of the virtual app. The system works similar to pay-per-click of the internet. The setup gives retailers and companies a glimpse of the branding and product packaging if brought to life. If this system makes it to the front rows, 3D designers can find streams of opportunities.

Prototype Freely:

inStudio VR is an exemplary application that allows designers, packaging companies, and retail sellers to place their products in the virtual world right from their desktop. The app gives the owner full control of their design to alter, preview, and showcase in environments like store shelves, kitchens, and rooms, etc. The only way of holding a product in your hands before launch is through a sample, which can cost you bucks, virtual prototypes are the only way of doing so with either no cost or next to none.

Review the View:

Companies pay a considerable amount to come up with a design that stands out in the crowd of competing products. They also focus on the assembly of these packaging on the shelves and producing an enticing pattern. With virtual reality apps, this process saves time, resources, and sour tears of failing in packaging. you get to place your products right next to a competitor’s on a virtual shelf and see if your packaging can truly steal the spotlight! VR also helps in coming up with packaging that is easily stackable on the shelves without taking too much space.

Testing Cost-Effectively:

As we previously mentioned, there is a wide spectrum of ways that augmented reality can help your business save up on unnecessary costs. The first big help is in the sampling of packaging that can be proved redundant with VR sampling, thus saving you from the hassle of getting an actual sample. The second support is in the arrangement of items on the shelves effectively. Due to ineffective packaging, some products may take too much promotional space that can be put to good use. Some suggest VR testing for products and their packaging efficiency before they enter the stores.

The advancing world keeps contributing to the world of packaging. This rise in tech-savvy trends will also heighten the demands of the collaborating companies. Packaging companies grow more and more dependable on technology every day and have not been yet let down.